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White House Counsel
legal issues concerning the President and his Administration. The current White House Counsel is Don McGahn. The Office of Counsel to the President was

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For other United States offices of special counsel, see United States Office of Special Counsel (disambiguation). "Office of Counsel to the President" redirects here. For the Sri Lankan position, see President's Counsel. White House Counsel Incumbent
Don McGahn

since January 20, 2017 Formation 1943 First holder Samuel Irving Rosenman

The White House Counsel is a staff appointee of the President of the United States whose role is to advise the President on all legal issues concerning the President and his Administration. The current White House Counsel is Don McGahn.

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The Office of Counsel to the President was created in 1943, and is responsible for advising on all legal aspects of policy questions, legal issues arising in connection with the President's decision to sign or veto legislation, ethical questions, financial disclosures, and conflicts of interest during employment and post employment. The Counsel's Office also helps define the line between official and political activities, oversees executive appointments and judicial selection, handles Presidential pardons, reviews legislation and Presidential statements, and handles lawsuits against the President in his role as President, as well as serving as the White House contact for the Department of Justice.


Although the White House Counsel offers legal advice to the President, the Counsel does so in the President's official capacity, and does not serve as the President's personal attorney. Therefore, controversy has emerged over the scope of the attorney–client privilege between the Counsel and the President, namely with John Dean of Watergate notoriety. It is clear, however, that the privilege does not apply in strictly personal matters. It also does not apply to legislative proceedings by the U.S. Congress against the President due to allegations of misconduct while in office, such as formal censures or impeachment proceedings. In those situations the President relies on a personal attorney if he desires confidential legal advice. The office is also distinct from the judiciary, and from others who are not appointed to positions, but nominated by the President, and confirmed by the Senate. These would be foremost the Attorney General of the United States, and his or her principal deputy and other assistants, who are nominated by the President to oversee the United States Department of Justice, or the Solicitor General of the United States and his or her staff (he or she is the third-ranking official in the Justice Department), who argue cases before the U.S. Supreme Court (and in lower federal courts) for the Justice Department when it is a party to the case.

List of White House Counsels Officeholder Term start Term end President Samuel Rosenman October 2, 1943 February 1, 1946 Franklin Roosevelt Harry Truman Clark Clifford February 1, 1946 January 31, 1950 Charles Murphy January 31, 1950 January 20, 1953 Bernard Shanley January 20, 1953 February 19, 1955 Dwight Eisenhower Gerald Morgan February 19, 1955 November 5, 1958 David Kendall November 5, 1958 January 20, 1961 Ted Sorensen January 20, 1961 February 29, 1964 John F. Kennedy Lyndon Johnson Mike Feldman April 1964 January 17, 1965 Lee White January 17, 1965 February 11, 1966 Milton Semer February 14, 1966 December 31, 1966 Harry McPherson February 11, 1966 October 26, 1967 Larry Temple October 26, 1967 January 20, 1969 John Ehrlichman January 20, 1969 November 4, 1969 Richard Nixon Chuck Colson November 6, 1969 July 9, 1970 John Dean July 9, 1970 April 30, 1973 Leonard Garment April 30, 1973 August 9, 1974 Philip Buchen August 9, 1974 January 20, 1977 Gerald Ford Robert Lipshutz January 20, 1977 October 1, 1979 Jimmy Carter Lloyd Cutler October 1, 1979 January 20, 1981 Fred Fielding January 20, 1981 May 23, 1986 Ronald Reagan Peter Wallison May 23, 1986 March 20, 1987 Arthur Culvahouse March 20, 1987 January 20, 1989 Boyden Gray January 20, 1989 January 20, 1993 George H. W. Bush Bernard Nussbaum January 20, 1993 March 8, 1994 Bill Clinton Lloyd Cutler March 8, 1994 October 1, 1994 Abner Mikva October 1, 1994 November 1, 1995 Jack Quinn November 1, 1995 February 1997 Chuck Ruff February 1997 September 1999 Beth Nolan September 1999 January 20, 2001 Alberto Gonzales January 20, 2001 February 3, 2005 George W. Bush Harriet Miers February 3, 2005 January 31, 2007 Fred Fielding January 31, 2007 January 20, 2009 Greg Craig January 20, 2009 January 3, 2010 Barack Obama Bob Bauer January 3, 2010 June 30, 2011 Kathryn Ruemmler June 30, 2011 June 2014 Neil Eggleston June 2014 January 20, 2017 Don McGahn January 20, 2017 present Donald Trump External links
  • Executive Office of the President
  • Records of Thomas E. Stephens, White House Counsel, 1953, Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library
  • Diaries of Bernard M. Shanley, White House Counsel, 1953-1955, Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library
  • Records of Gerald Morgan, White House Counsel, 1955-1958, Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library
  • Records of David W. Kendall, White House Counsel, 1958-1961, Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library
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White House Counsels
  • Rosenman
  • Clifford
  • Murphy
  • Shanley
  • Morgan
  • Kendall
  • Sorensen
  • Feldman
  • White
  • Semer
  • McPherson
  • Temple
  • Colson
  • Ehrlichman
  • Dean
  • Garment
  • Casselman
  • Buchen
  • Lipshutz
  • Cutler
  • Fielding
  • Wallison
  • Culvahouse
  • Gray
  • Nussbaum
  • Cutler
  • Mikva
  • Quinn
  • Ruff
  • Nolan
  • Gonzales
  • Miers
  • Fielding
  • Craig
  • Bauer
  • Ruemmler
  • Eggleston
  • McGahn
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White House Office
  • American Innovation
  • Cabinet Affairs
  • Chief of Staff
  • Communications
  • Counselor
  • First Lady
    • Executive Chef
    • Floral Designer
    • Social Secretary
  • Intergovernmental Affairs
  • Legislative Affairs
  • Management and Administration
  • Oval Office Operations
  • Political Affairs
  • Presidential Personnel
  • Public Liaison
  • Press Secretary
  • Scheduling and Advance
  • Senior Advisor
  • Staff Secretary
  • Trade and Manufacturing Policy
  • White House Counsel
  • White House Fellows

Personality, Character, and Leadership In The White House: Psychologists Assess the Presidents
Personality, Character, and Leadership In The White House: Psychologists Assess the Presidents
Personality, Character, and Leadership in the White House is the first book-length work to present truly scientific personality evaluations of the American presidents. This benchmark work dramatically improves the state-of-the-art in classifying presidents and predicting performance in the White House. Dr. Steven Rubenzer and Dr. Thomas Faschingbauer asked 120 experts, including biographers, historians, presidential advisers, and other knowledge-able sources, to rate the presidents by filling out standardized personality tests. For each president that fell within their area of expertise, the evaluators completed a 592-item questionnaire regarding personality, intelligence, and behavior. From the results, the authors identify nine traits related to presidential success, examine how the presidents’ personalities affected their job performance, and list their scores on the major dimensions of personality. Rubenzer and Faschingbauer provide revealing insights about every American president and profile twenty-one of them in detail, including all post–World War II presidents and all of the “great” presidents. In addition to revolutionizing the way we look at the presidency, the study offers entertaining and unexpected conclusions. For instance, which recent president’s personality and character most closely resembles those of Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln? The answer may surprise you. Presidential scholars, students, and anyone who likes to be well informed when discussing their political preferences will find this enlightening book irresistible.Visit and for more information.

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The House: The History of the House of Representatives
The House: The History of the House of Representatives
Throughout America's history, the House has played a central role in shaping the nation's destiny. In this incomparable single-volume history, distinguished historian Robert V. Remini traces the institution from a struggling, nascent body to the venerable powerhouse it has become since America's rise on the world stage. The essential drama of democracy—the struggle between principle and pragmatism—is showcased throughout the book, and through it the history of America's successful experiment with democracy unfurls.

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The Road to the White House 2016
The Road to the White House 2016
THE ROAD TO THE WHITE HOUSE 2016 discusses the legal, political, and financial framework in which the presidential election occurs; the process by which the parties nominate their standard bearers and position themselves for the general election; the strategies, tactics, and operations of the presidential campaigns; the news media's role; and the attitudes, opinions, and decisions of the voters and what those decisions augur for policy and government once the election is over. This edition emphasizes the changes that have revolutionized electoral politics in recent years, including the flood of money to and from Super PACs, instantaneous communications, digital campaigning, and microtargeting messaging. It also offers updates and insights on topics pertinent to every presidential election, such as the nomination and Electoral College systems, news coverage, television debates, political commercials, partisan appeals, voting patterns, and election forecasts, polls, and analysis.

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The Road to the White House 2012
The Road to the White House 2012
Stephen Wayne, a leading scholar of presidential electoral politics, describes and analyzes the crucial politics, procedures, and strategies behind campaign finance, media relations, nominating politics, and the politics and meaning of the general election.

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The Black History of the White House (City Lights Open Media)
The Black History of the White House (City Lights Open Media)
The Black History of the White House presents the untold history, racial politics, and shifting significance of the White House as experienced by African Americans, from the generations of enslaved people who helped to build it or were forced to work there to its first black First Family, the Obamas.Clarence Lusane juxtaposes significant events in White House history with the ongoing struggle for democratic, civil, and human rights by black Americans and demonstrates that only during crises have presidents used their authority to advance racial justice. He describes how in 1901 the building was officially named the “White House” amidst a furious backlash against President Roosevelt for inviting Booker T. Washington to dinner, and how that same year that saw the consolidation of white power with the departure of the last black Congressmember elected after the Civil War. Lusane explores how, from its construction in 1792 to its becoming the home of the first black president, the White House has been a prism through which to view the progress and struggles of black Americans seeking full citizenship and justice.“Clarence Lusane is one of America’s most thoughtful and critical thinkers on issues of race, class and power.”—Manning Marable"Barack Obama may be the first black president in the White House, but he's far from the first black person to work in it. In this fascinating history of all the enslaved people, workers and entertainers who spent time in the president's official residence over the years, Clarence Lusane restores the White House to its true colors."—Barbara Ehrenreich"Reading The Black History of the White House shows us how much we DON'T know about our history, politics, and culture. In a very accessible and polished style, Clarence Lusane takes us inside the key national events of the American past and present. He reveals new dimensions of the black presence in the US from revolutionary days to the Obama campaign. Yes, 'black hands built the White House'—enslaved black hands—but they also built this country's economy, political system, and culture, in ways Lusane shows us in great detail. A particularly important feature of this book its personal storytelling: we see black political history through the experiences and insights of little-known participants in great American events. The detailed lives of Washington's slaves seeking freedom, or the complexities of Duke Ellington's relationships with the Truman and Eisenhower White House, show us American racism, and also black America's fierce hunger for freedom, in brand new and very exciting ways. This book would be a great addition to many courses in history, sociology, or ethnic studies courses. Highly recommended!"—Howard Winant"The White House was built with slave labor and at least six US presidents owned slaves during their time in office. With these facts, Clarence Lusane, a political science professor at American University, opens The Black History of the White House(City Lights), a fascinating story of race relations that plays out both on the domestic front and the international stage. As Lusane writes, 'The Lincoln White House resolved the issue of slavery, but not that of racism.' Along with the political calculations surrounding who gets invited to the White House are matters of musical tastes and opinionated first ladies, ingredients that make for good storytelling."—Boston GlobeDr. Clarence Lusane has published in The Washington Post, The Miami Herald, The Baltimore Sun, Oakland Tribune, Black Scholar, and Race and Class. He often appears on PBS, BET, C-SPAN, and other national media.

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Black Man, White House: An Oral History of the Obama Years
Black Man, White House: An Oral History of the Obama Years
New York Times Bestseller (Humor)"The book everyone is laughing about!"--Joe Scarborough, Morning JoeFor two centuries, presidents hoping to secure their legacies have sought out biographers. But who could possibly capture the inspiring yet bizarre reality of the first black man to call the White House his crib, a tenure that brought hope, change, and health care to millions, but also spawned birthers, backlash, and the bewildering rise of Donald Trump? Thankfully, as the end of President Barack Obama’s pioneering two terms in office drew near, the First Lady had a stroke of genius: “Honey, all these presidential biographies are written by old white guys. Why not hook a brother up for once?”Enter D.L. Hughley. When the comedy legend got the call from the White House, he knew this was the assignment of a lifetime. Of course he would become a political biographer: what else could his decades of experience bringing unflinching truth and hilarity to the American people have been building toward?And so D.L. proudly raised his finger to “The System”* and set out to record a true and accurate** oral history of the Obama years, interviewing everyone from Obama’s esteemed Democratic colleagues in Washington to Republican pols who dare not speak his name and segments of the “conservative base” who have irrefutable proof that Obama is a Kenyan-born Muslim and Saddam Hussein’s second cousin thrice removed AND a Coldplay fan. Protected by the Patriot Act and the promise of a presidential pardon, Hughley bitch-slapped virtually every rule of journalism in pursuit of his mission: hacking into Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server; infiltrating Trump’s tanning sessions; staking out each of Mitt Romney’s 752 mansions; even eavesdropping on Bill Clinton’s late-night escapades.At the end of it all, Hughley had bravely assembled an explosive dossier that would make Edward Snowden (and even the NSA) blush. Black Man, White House is the culmination of these extraordinary comedic efforts, an authoritative work on the Obama presidency that is destined to enlighten and entertain patriots, scholars, and Yes-We-Can’ers for generations to come.*The Dewey Decimal system.**What, librarians? Go ahead and try to shelve this book in fiction.

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Get Naked Bathroom Wall Decor Size 5x7 8x10 11x14 and more Black and White Minimalist Art Print
Get Naked Bathroom Wall Decor Size 5x7 8x10 11x14 and more Black and White Minimalist Art Print
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Inside the White House: The Hidden Lives of the Modern Presidents and the Secrets of the World's Most Powerful Institution
Inside the White House: The Hidden Lives of the Modern Presidents and the Secrets of the World's Most Powerful Institution
Award-winning journalist Ronald Kessler gets behind the scenes at the White House to reveal the often-scandalous secrets of this all-powerful institution. Kessler documents the hidden lives of the modern presidents: Bill and Hilary Clinton's sham marriage and his pattern of alleged sexual indiscretions; Johnson's legendary infidelities; Nixon's disorientation and mysterious disappearances during his last days in office; the extent of Reagan's manipulation at the hands of his wife; and Bush's out-of-control staff.

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