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2012 Yahoo! Voices hack
  "Yahoo hacks leaks 4.5 lakhs of passwords". Business Today. Retrieved July 29, 2012.  "Yahoo! Voice hacked: 4.5 lakh passwords in the net". IBNLive

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2012 Yahoo! Voices hack Date July 12, 2012 (2012-07-12) Cause Hack Suspect(s) D33ds

Yahoo! Voices, formerly Associated Content, was hacked in July 2012. The hack is supposed to have leaked approximately half a million email addresses and passwords associated with Yahoo! Contributor Network. The suspected hacker group, D33ds, used a method of SQL Injection to penetrate Yahoo! Voice servers. Security experts said that the passwords were not encrypted and the website did not use a HTTPS Protocol, which was one of the major reasons of the data breach. The email addresses and passwords are still available to download in a plaintext file on the hacker's website. The hacker group described the hack as a "wake-up call" for Yahoo! security experts. Joseph Bonneau, a security researcher and a former product analysis manager at Yahoo, said "Yahoo can fairly be criticized in this case for not integrating the Associated Content accounts more quickly into the general Yahoo login system, for which I can tell you that password protection is much stronger."

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Reaction by communities and users

D33DS, the suspected hacker group, said that the hack was a "wake-up call". They said that it was not a threat to Yahoo!, Inc. The IT Security firm said that the passwords contained a number of email addresses from Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, and more such websites.

Response from Yahoo

Immediately after the hack, Yahoo!, in a written statement, apologized for the breach. Yahoo! did not disclose how many passwords were valid after the hack, because they said that every minute, 1-3 passwords are changed on their site. Yahoo! said that only 5% of its passwords were stolen during the hack. The hackers' website,, was not available later on Thursday, after the hack. Yahoo! said in a written statement that it takes security very seriously and is working together to fix the vulnerability in its site. Yahoo! said that it was in the process of changing the passwords of the hacked accounts and notifying other companies of the hack.


A simple matter had sparked a controversy over Yahoo!. The controversy was sparked because of Yahoo!'s silence about the data breach. After the servers were hacked, Yahoo! did not mail the affected victims, although it was promised earlier. There was no site-wide notifications about the hack, nor did any victim get any type of personal messages detailing how to reset their account passwords from Yahoo.

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External links

Introvert: The Art of Silence(The Secrets of being quiet-The Introverts code Hack)
Introvert: The Art of Silence(The Secrets of being quiet-The Introverts code Hack)
Introversion is a word derived from two Latin words: “intro”, which means inward/inside and “vertere” which means to turn. From the very origin of the word introversion, we can conclude a lot about introverted people. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg as far as introverted people, their strengths, and weaknesses. If you believe that you or someone close to you is an introvert, this book will help you discover plenty information on how introverts think, behave and how they can improve their social life, love life and their success at work.The book that is before you wrote an introverted person who probably understands the best people like herself. In the book, you will find advice on how to increase your self-confidence, improve your friendly or loving relationships, but most of all how to properly understand and accept the introverted person.Also, in this book full of advice for introverts and people close to them, there are tips on how to raise an introverted child and how to make the most of your introspective and analytical nature if you are introverted. Buy the book "The introvert: The Art of Silence" to learn how to successfully communicate with the opposite sex, friends and business associates. Tips represented in this book are based both on personal experience and on the advice of experts and psychologists. Also, you will learn the differences between the introverts and extroverts and how they can get along very well since the world needs both silent and loud people.

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In Pursuit of Silence: Listening for Meaning in a World of Noise
In Pursuit of Silence: Listening for Meaning in a World of Noise
More than money, power, and even happiness, silence has become the most precious—and dwindling—commodity of our modern world.   Between iPods, music-blasting restaurants, earsplitting sports stadiums, and endless air and road traffic, the place for quiet in our lives grows smaller by the day.  In Pursuit of Silence gives context to our increasingly desperate sense that noise pollution is, in a very real way, an environmental catastrophe.  Listening to doctors, neuroscientists, acoustical engineers, monks, activists, educators, marketers, and aggrieved citizens, George Prochnik examines why we began to be so loud as a society, and what it is that gets lost when we can no longer find quiet.  He shows us the benefits of decluttering our sonic world.   As Prochnik travels across the United States and overseas, we meet a rich host of characters: an idealistic architect who is pioneering a new kind of silent architecture in collaboration with the Deaf community at Gallaudet University; a special operations soldier in Afghanistan (and former guitarist with Nirvana) who places silence at the heart of survival in war; a sound designer for shopping malls who ensures that the stores we visit never stop their auditory seductions; and a group of commuters who successfully revolted against piped-in music in Grand Central Station.  A brilliant, far-reaching exploration of the frontiers of noise and silence, and the growing war between them, In Pursuit of Silence is an important book that will appeal to fans of Michael Pollan and Daniel Gilbert. 

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Silence! Hack Writer At Work - Mug
Silence! Hack Writer At Work - Mug
Silence! Hack Writer At Work - Mug

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Shattering the Silence
Shattering the Silence
A gift for her new-born baby makes Veronica Ritchie start to remember events from her own traumatic childhood. Her marriage collapses under the weight of these memories, as she begins to believe that her father, whom she loves and respects, could be guilty of having abused her as a child.

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