Chelsea Manning
Chelsea Manning
The Passion of Bradley Manning: The Story Behind the Wikileaks Whistleblower
Bradley Manning was arrested, imprisoned in solitary confinement for nine months, and court-martialed for leaking nearly half a million classified government documents, including the infamous “Collateral Murder” gunsight video. He was an intelligence analyst in the US Army’s 10th Mountain Division, is twenty-four, and comes from Crescent, Oklahoma.But who is Private First Class Bradley Manning? Why did he commit the largest security breach in American history—and why was it so easy? In this book, the astonishing leaks attributed to Bradley Manning are viewed from many angles, from Tunisia to Guantánamo Bay, from Foggy Bottom to Baghdad to small-town Oklahoma. Around the world, the eloquent act of one young man obliges citizens to ask themselves if they have the right to know what their government is doing.
It's Not The Freaking Wheat America!
In America at present, 69% of everyone over the age of 20 is overweight to some degree. Worse than that, over half of this number are clinically obese. In fact, there are more clinically obese and overweight people in the United States, than there are people in Mexico and Canada. This being the case, books and diet regimens regularly hit the headlines, which attempt to explain the reason behind America's ever increasing girth. Ones which in recent years have bent over backwards to try and inform us that our weight is all wheat's fault. The problem however, isn't America's consumption of breads and cereals. Neither in fact, is America's couch potato culture entirely to blame for the ever broadening of two hundred and fifteen million of our respective waist lines. In fact, all blaming wheat for America's health and diet woes does, is blinker us from what is really wrong with many of our diets and lifestyles. 'It's Not The Freaking Wheat America!' will therefore attempt to clarify why we have really got as big and unhealthy as we have recently, and what you can do to fix this. That said I'm no nutritionist or dietary expert. I have however, been on something of a personal dietary adventure over the past six years, and in the first three of those years I learnt enough to loose the extra hundred pounds I'd been collecting since I left college. Real weight loss however, isn't possible in just one weekend, therefore please don't purchase this book if you're looking for a quick way to reel in your waistline. Rather, real sustainable weight loss only starts to happen, when we start to educate ourselves in regard to what is really in a lot of the food that we eat every day.
Private: Bradley Manning, WikiLeaks, and the Biggest Exposure of Official Secrets in American History
Bradley Manning perpetrated the biggest breach of military security in American history. While serving as an Army intelligence analyst, he leaked an astounding amount of classified information to WikiLeaks: classified combat videos, plus hundreds of thousands of documents from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and from embassies around the globe. Nearly all of WikiLeaks' headline-making releases of information have come from a single source: Bradley Manning. The leaks affected governments the world over--the Arab Spring may have been sparked, in part, by Manning's revelations. They propelled WikiLeaks to a level of international prominence it never had before and forever changed the delicate dance between secrecy and transparency.  Bradley Manning's story is one of global significance, and yet he remains an enigma. Now, for the first time, the full truth will be told about a man who, at the age of only twenty-two, changed the world. Nicks' book paints a nuanced portrait of a man haunted by demons and driven by hope, impulsive and cocky yet idealistic enough to follow his conscience.   Relying on numerous conversations with those who know Manning best and extensive chat logs published here for the first time, Nicks gives the full story of a bright, gay young man from middle America who signs on to serve his country but finds himself serving a cause he finds far more sinister. Manning's is the morally complex tale of a soldier who took matters into his own hands in order to fulfill what he saw as a higher purpose. "Denver Nicks's telling of the Bradley Manning story manages to be riveting while remaining honest. His book ultimately serves as a fitting tribute to the most defining controversies of the digital age." -Nadim Kobeissi, Cryptocat founder. 
The Art of Revolt: Snowden, Assange, Manning
Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, and Chelsea Manning are key figures in the struggles playing out in our democracies over internet use, state secrets, and mass surveillance in the age of terror. When not decried as traitors, they are seen as whistle-blowers whose crucial revelations are meant to denounce a problem or correct an injustice. Yet, for Geoffroy de Lagasnerie, they are much more than that. Snowden, Assange, and Manning are exemplars who have reinvented an art of revolt. Consciously or not, they have inaugurated a new form of political action and a new identity for the political subject. Anonymity as practiced by WikiLeaks and the flight and requests for asylum of Snowden and Assange break with traditional forms of democratic protest. Yet we can hardly dismiss them as acts of cowardice. Rather, as Lagasnerie suggests, such solitary choices challenge us to question classic modes of collective action, calling old conceptions of the state and citizenship into question and inviting us to reformulate the language of critical philosophy. In the process, he pays homage to the actions and lives of these three figures.
The United States Vs. Private Chelsea Manning: A Graphic Account from Inside the Courtroom
Drawing and writing in real time from inside the courtroom, artist and WikiLeaks activist Clark Stoeckley here captures first-hand the extraordinary drama of The United States vs. Private Chelsea Manning, one of the most important and secretive trials in American history. In the course of the trial, Private Manning insists that her release of the Iraq and Afghanistan war logs to WikiLeaks was an act of conscience, justified by the urgent need to reveal to the world the atrocities committed by the US military in the ostensible cause of freedom. At the prosecution table, military lawyers for the American government seek to set an example and discourage future whistleblowers by locking away Manning for decades, possibly the rest of her life. Stoeckley's vivid sketches from inside the court and beyond, together with carefully selected transcripts of the proceedings, trace the arguments as they move back and forth between the defence and the prosecution. His rendering of the trial provides both a vital record and a uniquely compelling read.
Dethalissicus: The Parting of the Worlds
Dethas is a young orphaned woman living in Engla' after the separation of the worlds. When she is captured by Irish pirates and meets the green-eyed stranger, Amien, she becomes obsessed with figuring out who he is and why he seems so mysteriously attracted to her. Dethas and Amien's otherworldly companions follow Amien into Londinium to complete a dangerous and impossible task. And when Dethas is forced to flee Engla' into Hibernia, she finally finds answers about her past and becomes entangled in something much deeper than the apparent politics in the capital."The story I remembered about my mother was always short and full of holes. She never had a wedding gown, but she was beautiful. Her eyes were like pieces of the sea, if the sea could become a rock and turn into stones. She could make a thief or a traitor confess what he had done and throw himself off a cliff, into those sea-eyes. Her lips were like flowers and like blood, virginal and terrible. She wore white, even when she traveled across the country on foot to find her people, even in the dark woods where she stood out like a skull shining in the moon. Her dress, like her, never seemed to wear from the traveling, as if she walked just barely above the loam, a small moth with feathery feet."
The New York Times Magazine, June 11 2017
Includes: The Long, Lonely Road of Chelsea Manning; America's Hidden HIV Epidemic Among Black Gay and Bisexual Men.
Unauthorized Disclosure: Can Behavioral Indicators Help Predict Who Will Commit Disclosure of Classified National Security Information? Ames, Hansson, Chelsea (Bradley) Manning, Edward Snowden
Federal government security-cleared personnel have been disclosing federal government classified national security information, whether to a foreign government or the United States media, at an increasing rate since the 1980s. Can common personal or psychological characteristics or motivations be identified from historical cases that could indicate the likelihood of a current or potential federal employee to disclose national security information without authorization? Reasons for unauthorized disclosure range from financial, to "whistle-blowing," to a desire to change international policy, to sympathy and strong ties with a foreign government. The focus of this research is on the behavioral characteristics that are similar or different between known, studied historical cases of personnel associated with the federal government who have disclosed classified information without authorization. Upon review of existing data, the prevalent behavioral characteristic of the cases is one of a disgruntled employee (ideology/ disillusionment/loyalty). A disgruntled employee becomes the largest concern as an insider threat, one who is willing to compromise his or her feelings of loyalty to the organization and the nation for a myriad of reasons. Why do people disclose information with which they have been entrusted? Reasons for unauthorized disclosure range from financial, to "whistle-blowing," to a desire to change international policy, to sympathy and strong ties with a foreign government. The focus of this research is on the behavioral characteristics that are similar or different between known, studied historical cases of personnel associated with the federal government who have disclosed classified information without authorization. Cases studied include Aldrich Ames, Ana Belen Montes, Chelsea (Bradley) Manning, Brian Regan, Bryan Underwood, Greg William Bergersen, Hassan Abu-Jihaad (Paul R. Hall), Robert Hanssen, John Walker, Jonathon Pollard and Edward Snowden. Selection is based on unauthorized disclosure since the 1980s, including 1985—referred to as the "year of the spy." Upon review of existing data, the prevalent behavioral characteristic of the cases (10 out of 11 cases) is one of a disgruntled employee (ideology/disillusionment/loyalty). A disgruntled employee becomes the largest concern of insider threat, one who is willing to compromise his or her feelings of loyalty to the organization and the nation for a myriad of reasons. While personal security background investigations review information from the present to up to 10 years prior: Studies of espionage based on personal interviews with offenders suggest a pattern in which personal disruptions or crises precede, or "trigger," an individual's decision to commit espionage. Crises could be positive or negative, and include divorce, death, starting a new relationship, or exhibiting radically changed behavior. Chapter II provides the literature review conducted for this research. Chapter III provides the history of information classification policy. Chapter IV provides the background of unauthorized disclosure and the "insider threat." Chapter V provides the security clearance process including the 13 adjudicative guidelines. Chapter VI discusses the role of technology in the security clearance process today. Chapter VII provides the biographical sketches of known cases reviewed. Chapter VIII provides a discussion of the gathered data and analysis of the most and least common identifiable personality characteristics of known offenders. Chapter IX provides recommendations, including limitations to eliminating unauthorized disclosure, implementation issues, and opportunity for future research.
The Spying Game: The History of the Secret Services
Throughout history, secret services have been employed by repressive regimes to keep the populace in check at home, while hiring agents to collect intelligence abroad. Britain's first secret service was established by Sir Francis Walsingham, secretary of state to Elizabeth I; meanwhile the US Secret Service was set up in 1865 as a specialized department of the Treasury, charged with stopping the circulation of forged banknotes. This book concentrates on more recent covert operations conducted by the modern-day security services of the USA, Britain, Russia and China, a game of spy versus spy played out day by day and decade by decade across the world, with the ultimate stake each nation's freedom. From Sidney Reilly 'Ace of Spies' through the heyday of the KGB, CIA and MI5/ MI6 to today's super-snooper Big Brother set-up, The Spying Game gives you the inside track on an incredible cloak and dagger world of international intrigue now being eclipsed by computers and electronic surveillance as the NSA in America and Britain's GCHQ take over the reins.
REVENGE: THRILLER - A crazed cult leader destroys Bill's life, now he must avenge his girlfriend's death. A Short Story
Security expert Bill Manning had a life planned with his girlfriend Janis, until returning from work one night to find her brutally murdered. Although he can tell the killing was more than a break-in gone wrong, the police are slow to find answers--and some even seem eager to close the case prematurely. Unwilling to let Janis' death go unpunished, he turns to his friend and coworker, former FBI agent Angela Williams.The few clues they find point to a psychotic cult whose reclusive leader has an agenda of death. Planted firmly in the community, the Harvester's cult has enough influence to obstruct the investigation at every turn. But Bill's relentlessness is impossible to stop, and his dogged pursuit shows a power of will that even the Harvester finds impressive--enough to want to steal that power for himself, by any means possible..
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Chelsea Manning

Chelsea Manning

Chelsea Manning

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