How A Sensational
How A Sensational
Simply Sensational Bags: How to Stitch & Embellish Handbags, Totes & Satchels
Create Fabulous Bags with Simple TechniquesDistinctive handbags and totes have long been a passion of renowned designer Linda McGehee. In Simple Sensational Bags, Linda shares her secrets for making and embellishing dozens of innovative new designs without spending hours at the sewing machine. Linda's cleverly embellished creations incorporate many popular techniques including decorative stitching, piecing, applique and trims, pockets, piping, and more.With her easy, friendly style, Linda teaches the basics of bag construction, straps, pockets, and decorative embellishment. The book showcases dozens of extraordinary bags. Projects include a zipper cosmetic bag, lingerie and sweater bag, shoe tote, and a variety of handbags.Simple techniques to transform plain bags into spectacular works of artEasy-to-follow instructions for making and decorating bagsDetailed discussions of straps, pockets, and finishing touches
Sensational Sculpted Cakes: How to sculpt and decorate spectacular novelty cakes
Rose Macefield shares her trade secrets and incredible design flair in this step-by-step guide to sculpting and decorating show-stopping novelty cakes. Beginning with the readily available sugarcrafting tools and materials required, she goes on to provide recipes for cakes, buttercream and royal icing. Learn how to level, stack, slice through and buttercream the cakes, and support their structure where required with dowels and cake boards. Rose shows how to sculpt shapes freehand or using templates., then how to cover a cake board and various shapes of sculpted cake with fondant (sugarpaste), and how to decorate the result with a variety of techniques including marbling, using a clay gun, airbrushing, modelling shapes and adding texture. Nine breathtaking projects are clearly explained with step-by-step photographs: a shitsu show dog, a rocker's electric guitar, a one-eyed messy monster creating havoc, a teenage girl's fashion sneakers with make up and other mess, a fisherman's basket and rod with fish resting on pebbles, a tennis bag, racket and ball on court, a baker's mixer, ingredients and cookies, a toy train and alphabet blocks on a wooden floor and a craft box with sewing equipment, fabric and lace spilling out. Rose's attention to detail is extraordinary and her sense of humour a delight, yet everything is simple to make with her clear instructions.
The Sensational Past: How the Enlightenment Changed the Way We Use Our Senses
Sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch―as they were celebrated during the Enlightenment and as they are perceived today.Blindfolding children from birth? Playing a piano made of live cats? Using tobacco to cure drowning? Wearing “flea”-colored clothes? These actions may seem odd to us, but in the eighteenth century, they made perfect sense.As often as we use our senses, we rarely stop to think about their place in history. But perception is not dependent on the body alone. Carolyn Purnell persuasively shows that, while our bodies may not change dramatically, the way we think about the senses and put them to use has been rather different over the ages. Journeying through the past three hundred years, Purnell explores how people used their senses in ways that might shock us now. And perhaps more surprisingly, she shows how many of our own ways of life are a legacy of this earlier time.The Sensational Past focuses on the ways in which small, peculiar, and seemingly unimportant facts open up new ways of thinking about the past. You will explore the sensory worlds of the Enlightenment, learning how people in the past used their senses, understood their bodies, and experienced the rapidly shifting world around them.In this smart and witty work, Purnell reminds us of the value of daily life and the power of the smallest aspects of existence using culinary history, fashion, medicine, music, and many other aspects of Enlightenment life. 11 illustrations
How to Make a Sensational Music Video on a Shoestring Budget
Amazing new Kindle e-Book/Report reveals exactly ‘How to Make a Sensational Music Video on a Shoestring Budget.’ Music videos will enable you to promote bands, events, artists and even make money as a director, producer or writer.> What are storyboards and why are they important> A great resource for locating directors, producers and writers to help you.> Why editing is crucial> A cheap way to get live performance music videos> How to get HD video equipment at deep discounts> Why free video editing software is sometimes better than high priced professional software> Calling all family, friends, co-workers and people off the street> Free shooting locations are best> Avoid “looking” cheap with these tricks of the trade> A free library of one million music videos at your fingertips> Low-cost “over the top” music videosGet answers to all the above questions and more in the eBook/Report and jumpstart making your first Sensational Music Video on a Shoestring Budget.
Nature's Cuisine NC014 Sensational Smoke Grilling Cookbook
Over 50 fabulous Recipes celebrating wood plank grilling from appetizers to desserts. With recipes and creative suggestions for wood grilling, you'll enjoy delightful new dishes inspired by ethnic cuisines that go beyond seafood, meat and poultry. You'll also appreciate the easy-to-follow guidelines, cook's tips, and techniques for preparing savory smoked foods on your gas or charcoal grill.
Highly Sensational Women: How To Bloom In a Highly Charged World | Strategies For Success
Do you need more downtime than others? Do you have an acute awareness of other people’s feelings? Do you often feel overwhelmed? Do you need more sleep than most people? Has your natural, kind openness been mistaken as weakness? Have you often heard, “You’re so sensitive!”? Do you have a strong intuition? Have you been told that you are too intense? YOU MAY BE A HIGHLY SENSATIONAL WOMAN Embrace this gift and learn to bloom in your natural environment. this book will provide you the tools, methods, and strategies to reveal the highly sensational woman within and help you to thrive in this super-sized, super-charged world. You ARE sensational!
Live At The BBC [2 CD]
Julia Larwood's Aunt Regina needs help. She and two friends invested in equities - a big, but successful, risk. The real question that concerns Julia, however, is how did such amateur investors make a thousand per cent profit in record time? Maybe psychic counselor Isabella del Comino, unpopular neighbor to Aunt Regina, would have the answer - but she is found dead in her drawing room. Julia must unravel the money trail connecting the trio to what appears to be capital fraud - and capital crime...
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How A Sensational

How A Sensational

How A Sensational

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