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Press Review (03/21/2017 03 hours)
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Why Are We So Addicted to Mysteries Like ‘Making a Murderer?’
New A&E Show ‘Fit to Fat to Fit’ Makes Trainers Gain Weight — But What Does it Prove?
How That Pro Cyclist Hid a Motor in Her Bike
Millions Will Watch the Super Bowl — But Is the Football Generation Ending?
Muslim Teen Defies Tradition to Become First Hijab-Wearing Ballerina
Cheerleading Coach Fired for Sabotaging Rival Teen
Schools No Longer Punishing Athletes Harshly for Marijuana
World's Longest Bicycle Spans 117-Feet—Half a City Block!
Why I Like It When My 8-year-old Loses at Sports
Study Finds Benefit of Cheerleading
Tom Brady on Coca-Cola and Frosted Flakes: 'That's Poison'
When Someone You Love Spirals Out of Control, When Do You Stay and When Do You Go?
As NFL Player Daniel Fells Contracts MRSA, a Look at How Serious Staph Infections Work
High School Quarterback’s Tragic Death Highlights Silent Danger of an Enlarged Spleen
Novak Djokovic’s Inspiring Dad Comments: How Being a Parent Heightens Happy Moments
Little League Team’s Heartwarming Last Act for Dad and His Son
What We Can Learn About Sibling Rivalry From Serena and Venus Williams
Michael Sam Makes Up With Dad Who Criticized Him for Being Gay
Mass Effect Andromeda
Make your next purchase using these smart sunglasses
Say hi to Samsung Bixby, the new voice assistant in the Galaxy S8
Young, sexy, and adventurous? Guess says its new Android Wear 2.0 smartwatch is for you
Facebook’s secretive and ambitious hardware group is preparing for its debut next month
There's finally a smartwatch for watch aficionados
Dallas says “ghost calls” to 911 from T-Mobile customers aren’t to blame for deaths
Nintendo reportedly doubling Switch production after strong early sales
Pogue’s Basics: Make Amazon Echo tell you when it's transmitting
The 8 features we want in the iPhone 8
A 2-minute tour of this year's South by Southwest Conference
How Hackers Can Break Into Your Accounts Without Your Password
7 ways Facebook tried to copy Snapchat
Netflix says it could start giving you different versions of a show depending on how you watch
Microsoft is working on technology to help the visually impaired learn to code
China's police are now shooting down drones with radio-jamming rifles
Beer in space: Budweiser wants to set up a brewery on Mars, apparently
Silicon Valley’s favorite sneaker has a wear-and-tear problem
Two fake news writers reveal how they ply their trade
This high-tech workout bag cleans itself
How to avoid falling for email scams
Twitter accounts hijacked with 'Nazi' hashtags in Turkish
Your Next Car Will Be Delivered Like a Pizza
Alexa, vacuum the rug, and make it snappy — Roomba adds voice commands
How ‘video understanding’ could transform Facebook
Tennessee Teacher Sought In Suspected Kidnap Of Student
10 Things to Know for Monday
Export bans hit Brazil's meat industry after scandal
Prom Dates Are Randomly Assigned at this High School
Tesla Discontinues Base 60 kWh Model S Trim Level Ahead of Model 3 Launch
Neil deGrasse Tyson unleashes hot fire on Trump in angry tweetstorm
French airport attacker 'had drunk and taken drugs'
AP PHOTOS: Editor selections from the past week in Asia
Principal Pushes 5th Grader With Autism An Entire 5K Race
Elon Musk’s lab forced bots to create their own language
Stephen Hawking May Be Going to Space Thanks to Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic
North Korea tests newly developed high-thrust rocket engine
Man's Rare Case: How Does a Strep Infection Lead to Amputations?
We look so much like our names that strangers can predict them, study says
Climate change 'makes deadly China pollution worse'
Should you install solar panels on your roof? Ask Google
DARPA is calling for proposals to detect minuscule magnetic forces in the body
Can science produce better passport control officers?
What Happens If Trump Guts NASA's Earth Science Budget?
A Genetically Modified Corn Could Stop a Deadly Fungal Poison—if We Let It
Double Drunk-Driving Drama for Parents
Woman Addicted to Working out Exercises 8 Hours a Day!
Are Your Kids Bad for Your Heart?
Marcia Gay Harden Shares Her Mother’s Struggle with Alzheimer’s
Find out How a 64-Year-Old Became a New Mom to Twins!
Healthier Oatmeals 4 Ways
How to Fight Heartburn
Health Buzz: The New Nike VaporMax Running Sneaker
How to Take Care of Yourself When You Have the Flu
Natural Remedies to Treat Incontinence


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