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Press Review (07/17/2017 15 hours)
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Why Are We So Addicted to Mysteries Like ‘Making a Murderer?’
New A&E Show ‘Fit to Fat to Fit’ Makes Trainers Gain Weight — But What Does it Prove?
How That Pro Cyclist Hid a Motor in Her Bike
Millions Will Watch the Super Bowl — But Is the Football Generation Ending?
Muslim Teen Defies Tradition to Become First Hijab-Wearing Ballerina
Cheerleading Coach Fired for Sabotaging Rival Teen
Schools No Longer Punishing Athletes Harshly for Marijuana
World's Longest Bicycle Spans 117-Feet—Half a City Block!
Why I Like It When My 8-year-old Loses at Sports
Study Finds Benefit of Cheerleading
Tom Brady on Coca-Cola and Frosted Flakes: 'That's Poison'
When Someone You Love Spirals Out of Control, When Do You Stay and When Do You Go?
As NFL Player Daniel Fells Contracts MRSA, a Look at How Serious Staph Infections Work
High School Quarterback’s Tragic Death Highlights Silent Danger of an Enlarged Spleen
Novak Djokovic’s Inspiring Dad Comments: How Being a Parent Heightens Happy Moments
Little League Team’s Heartwarming Last Act for Dad and His Son
What We Can Learn About Sibling Rivalry From Serena and Venus Williams
Michael Sam Makes Up With Dad Who Criticized Him for Being Gay
Microsoft Surface Laptop review: A great notebook with one small flaw
Sprint doesn’t want you to buy your next phone
Amazon's Echo and other smart speakers do much more than you realize
Another fitness-band company shuts down. But why?
Pogue's Basics: Navigate the Start menu tiles using keyboard
'Pokémon Go' celebrates its first birthday by giving Pikachu a hat
China vs the World: Smartphone giants face a low-cost threat
How open-internet rules are actually helping consumers
Pogue's Basics: The master class on capturing screenshots
A ruling against Google in Canada could affect free speech around the world
How to switch from iPhone to Android and vice versa
Even a $2.7 billion fine can't hurt Google
What you need to know about the new ransomware that's hit the US
Your fingerprints could replace your airline boarding pass
Nintendo is bringing back the Super Nintendo just in time for the holidays
Big Cable broke its promise and you're paying for it
Uber’s next CEO faces 3 big challenges
Why Apple would need to use ex-NSA workers to stop leaks
Here’s who could lead Uber out of its scandals
Nintendo's 'Arms' is a whimsical fighter with wonderful multiplayer
The top 10 games of E3 2017
These are the coolest VR games at the world's biggest video game expo
Microsoft's new Surface Pro is a powerful machine with a slight drawback
Nintendo shows off new 'Super Mario Odyssey' and more at E3 2017
Pogue's Basics: Operate the Windows Ribbon from the keyboard
Trump rails against Clinton’s emails amid Russia firestorm: ‘My son Don is being scorned’
Nevada Marijuana Shortage: State Officials Scramble to Stock up
UAE wants international monitoring of Qatar
Pres. Trump Plays Down Controversies As WH Hires Lawyer for Russia
Teen charged in London acid attacks as UK plans crackdown
Sorrow as Maryam Mirzakhani, the first woman to win mathematics' Fields Medal, dies aged 40
Five Congo rangers killed in joint army operation to rescue U.S. journalist
Venus Williams Asked To Submit Phone, Medical Records In Wrongful Death Case
The Plant-Based Burger That Smells, Tastes and Bleeds Like the Real Thing
Trump losing public support: poll
5 Health Benefits Of Being Silent For Your Mind And Body
What’s so awe-inspiring about solar eclipses, in one paragraph
Tardigrades are the toughest animals on Earth. What would it take to kill them all?
Siberia: Medieval Mummies from Mystery Arctic Civilization Discovered in Zelenyy Yar Necropolis
How does cloning work, anyway? Your guide to real-world replication
Archaeologists go high-tech in 2,500-year-old Greek cold case
What Does It Take To Wipe Out Life On A Planet?
A Chinese scientist thinks the country could be using nuclear fusion power in 50 years
What is the Fermi Paradox? The strange mystery of why we can’t find E.T.
Trump’s EPA has to decide whether it thinks Monsanto’s top weed killer causes cancer
Low-Calorie Sweeteners May Contribute to Weight Gain
Are Ice Cream Alternatives a Healthy Dessert?
What Families Need to Know About First Gene Therapy for Deadly Childhood Cancer
How Uncertainty About GOP Healthcare Plans Harms Consumers Now
3 Better, Slimmer Smoothies You Can Make At Home
8 Ways Digestive Problems Could Be Totally Screwing With Your Weight
Protect Yourself From Fungal Infections This Summer
What the Latest GOP Healthcare Reform Plan Means for You
What 100 Calories of Frozen Treats Looks Like
New Study Reveals the Diets That Help You Live Longer


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