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Press Review (12/01/2020 21 hours)
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Oscars diversity rules: Progress or patronizing?
Viola Davis’s message to white women: ‘Get to know me’
Swizz Beatz, Alicia Keys’s husband, says hip-hop industry lacks compassion
Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino Is 'Having the Time of His Life' in Prison, Snooki Says
They won't be loved: Maroon 5 play it safe with dullest halftime show of all time
Why Are We So Addicted to Mysteries Like ‘Making a Murderer?’
New A&E Show ‘Fit to Fat to Fit’ Makes Trainers Gain Weight — But What Does it Prove?
Do star athletes make too much money?
Live animal mascots: Cute or exploitative?
Does U.S. women's soccer deserve equal pay?
After fighting for 9/11 victims, Jon Stewart turns to Warrior Games
Kevin Love talks anxiety, depression and the time he thought he was going to die mid-game
Is there a crisis with our boys? Expert says they need love, not discipline
Aly Raisman on Larry Nassar assault: Sometimes people forget I'm still coping with it
Aly Raisman on Larry Nassar assault: Sometimes people forget I’m still coping with it
For the love of the brain: One mother's fight for CTE awareness
Daily Digit: Why are there so few African-American baseball players?
Water pollution in Rio ahead of the Olympic Games
The Most Stylish Players in the 2016 NBA Finals
How That Pro Cyclist Hid a Motor in Her Bike
'Blind Side' Mom on Super Bowl-Bound Son's Inspiring Journey: 'Don't Count People Out.'
Millions Will Watch the Super Bowl — But Is the Football Generation Ending?
Muslim Teen Defies Tradition to Become First Hijab-Wearing Ballerina
Cheerleading Coach Fired for Sabotaging Rival Teen
Schools No Longer Punishing Athletes Harshly for Marijuana
World's Longest Bicycle Spans 117-Feet—Half a City Block!
Why I Like It When My 8-year-old Loses at Sports
Study Finds Benefit of Cheerleading
Tom Brady on Coca-Cola and Frosted Flakes: 'That's Poison'
When Someone You Love Spirals Out of Control, When Do You Stay and When Do You Go?
As NFL Player Daniel Fells Contracts MRSA, a Look at How Serious Staph Infections Work
High School Quarterback’s Tragic Death Highlights Silent Danger of an Enlarged Spleen
'Rocket League' Season 2 adds a new arena, car and music next week
AWS announces Panorama a device adds machine learning technology to any camera
Amazon announces a bunch of products aimed at industrial sector
Microsoft Teams is getting CarPlay support for calls
AWS updates its edge computing solutions with new hardware and Local Zones
Gift Guide: Camping and backpacking gear that the outdoors lover in your life really wants
Samsung reportedly won’t release a new Galaxy Note in 2021
Google launches Android Enterprise Essentials, a mobile device management service for small businesses
China’s lunar-sampling robot has landed on the Moon
YC-backed BuildBuddy raises $3.15M to help developers build software more quickly
AWS adds natural language search service for business intelligence from its data sets
AWS announces DevOps Guru to find operational issues automatically
Voi, the European 'micro mobility' rental company, raises $160M additional equity and debt funding
AWS launches SageMaker Data Wrangler, a new data preparation service for machine learning
Thousands of unsecured medical records were exposed online
AWS launches Glue Elastic Views to make it easier to move data from one purpose-built data store to another
The Arecibo Observatory's telescope has collapsed
AWS goes after Microsoft's SQL Server with Babelfish for Aurora PostgreSQL
Floww raises $6.7M for its data-driven marketplace matching founders with investors, based on merit
AWS brings ECS, EKS services to the data center, open sources EKS
Softbank, Volvo back Flock Freight with $113.5M to help shippers share the load
AWS launches Trainium, its new custom ML training chip
Evernote's major redesign is rolling out on Android
Watch the trailer for Studio Ghibli's first fully CG movie
Quibi's short life is over
Arizona, Wisconsin certify election results for Biden, closing off another path for Trump
Charging the 'Beatles': Inside the case against IS militants
'A huge loss': Giant Puerto Rico radio telescope collapses, following damage
Australian soldier pictured drinking beer out of dead Taliban fighter's prosthetic leg
Biden to introduce top economic advisers at event
The Electoral College is only getting worse
Kremlin-Funded TV Airs Mind-Numbingly Racist Blackface Attack on Obama
Lincoln Project calls for revenge on ‘grubby sellouts’ who backed Trump
155 MPs write to Carrie Lam, asking her to advocate for better rights for the 'Hong Kong 12'
AP PHOTOS: Animal attacks taking their toll in Kashmir
China successfully lands spacecraft on moon to retrieve lunar rocks
Huge Puerto Rico radio telescope, already damaged, collapses
Climate change: Temperature analysis shows UN goals 'within reach'
One of biology's biggest mysteries 'largely solved' by AI
Kristi Noem's grandmother died in a nursing home hit by COVID-19 as the South Dakota governor continued to downplay the virus
Massive Puerto Rico telescope collapses
What would happen if you stopped sleeping, day by day
COVID-19 patients on some cancer therapies may be contagious for months: study
China's Chang'e-5 Moon mission probe touches down
Drones plant trees from the sky after U.S. wildfires
Netanyahu rival threatens to end coalition, force election
Pentagon official overseeing counter-IS effort has resigned
UN pleads with Ethiopia for refugee access as food runs out
Pop-up school for US asylum seekers thrives despite pandemic
US panel to decide who should get the first COVID-19 shots
Trump raises $170 million as he looks to future
Uncertainty soars in final month of Brexit transition
Ethiopia's Tigray crisis: Eritrea refugees in Ethiopia run out of food, UN says
Assassination of Iranian scientist won't halt Iran's nuclear program, experts say
Trump files lawsuit challenging Wisconsin election results
Post-holiday COVID-19 data spells a grim forecast for the rest of the year
Nearly the entire U.S. has become a COVID hot spot, government map shows
Who should be first in line to receive the coronavirus vaccine?
Democratic Senate candidates Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock bet big on 'record-shattering turnout' in Georgia
College students preparing for Thanksgiving navigate complex rules and high risks
Rapid testing could 'drive the epidemic toward extinction'
Intelligence employees vent frustrations over being forced to return to the office
Republican official: Trump efforts to undermine Georgia results could 'suppress the vote' in U.S. Senate runoff elections
Fauci warns of 'stunning number of deaths' from coronavirus
'Close the bars' and open schools, Fauci says


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