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Conley (from O′Conghaile, Ó Conghalaigh) is a surname of Irish origin. It is a variant spelling of several more common names like Conly, Connelly, and

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For other uses, see Conley (disambiguation).

Conley Impression of Dublin
James Joyce Tower and MuseumLanguage(s) IrishOriginRegion of origin Ireland, United StatesOther namesVariant(s) Conlee, Conly, Connelly, Connolly

Conley (from O′Conghaile,[1] Ó Conghalaigh) is a surname of Irish origin. It is a variant spelling of several more common names like Conly, Connelly, and Connolly. "Conly" is listed in the census of 1659 as coming from the city of Dublin. "O′Connoly" was a principal name of Monaghan in 1679.[1] 1911 60 people with the surname Conley are listed in the digitised census records of Ireland.[2]

Today 1,048 people have the surname Conley in the United Kingdom, a few less (−36) than in the 1881 census.[3] As of the 2000 US Census, 54,194 people had the surname Conley, making it the 562nd most common surname in America.[4]

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People with the surname Arts and letters Robert Conley, reporter (1960s)
  • Darby Conley (born 1970), American cartoonist
  • Philip Mallory Conley (1887–1979), American historian
  • Robert Conley (reporter) (1928–2013), American reporter
  • Robert J. Conley (1940–2014), Cherokee author
  • Tom Conley (philologist) (born 1943), American philologist
  • Willy Conley (born 1958), American photographer
Business Lyda Conley, lawyer (c. 1902)
  • Chip Conley (born 1960), American hotelier
  • Lyda Conley (1874–1946), American lawyer
  • Rosemary Conley (born 1946), English businesswoman, author and broadcaster
  • William Henry Conley (1840–1897), American industrialist and philanthropist
Entertainment Arthur Conley, singer (1967)
  • Arthur Conley (1946–2003), American soul singer
  • Bayless Conley, American pastor and television personality
  • Brian Conley (born 1961), English comedian
    • The Brian Conley Show (1992–2002)
  • Chris Conley (born 1980), American musician
  • Clint Conley, American rock and roll musician
  • Darlene Conley (1934–2007), Irish-American actress
  • David Conley (musician) (born 1953), American bassist
  • Earl Thomas Conley (born 1941), American country music singer and composer
  • Eugene Conley (1908–1981), American tenor
  • Jack Conley, American actor
  • Joe Conley (1928–2013), American actor
  • Lige Conley (1897–1937), American actor
  • Onest Conley (1906–1989), American film actor
  • Renie Conley (1901–1992), American costume designer
  • Robert Conley (music producer) (born 1973), American record producer, programmer and engineer
  • Shannon Conley, American voice actor, and vocalist
  • Edgar Thomas Conley (1874–1956), United States Army general
Politics and law
  • Andrew Conley (1880/81–1952), British trade unionist
  • Benjamin F. Conley (1815–1886), American politician (Republican)
  • Daniel F. Conley, District Attorney for Suffolk County, Massachusetts
  • Dean Conley (born 1946), American politician (Democrat)
  • Gerard Conley Sr. (1930-2018), American politician (Democrat)
  • Gerard Conley Jr., American lawyer and politician (Democrat)
  • John Conley (Wisconsin) (born 1828), American politician (Republican)
  • Robert M. "Bob" Conley (born 1965), American pilot and politician (Democrat)
  • William G. Conley (1866–1940), Governor of West Virginia (Republican)
  • William M. Conley (born 1956), American judge
  • James D. Conley (born 1955), American bishop
  • Catharine Conley, NASA's Planetary Protection Officer
  • Charles C. Conley (1933–1984), American mathematician
    • Conley index theory, named after Charles Conley
    • Conley–Zehnder theorem, named after Charles Conley and Eduard Zehnder
  • Dalton Conley (born 1969), American sociologist
  • Frances K. Conley, American Neurologist
Sports Frankie Conley, boxer (1910)
  • Adam Conley (born 1990), American baseball payer
  • Bob Conley (baseball) (born 1934), American baseball player
  • Cale Conley (born 1992), American racing driver
  • Chris Conley (American football) (born 1992), American football wide receiver
  • Frankie Conley (1890–1952), American boxer
  • Gene Conley (1930–2017), American baseball and basketball player
  • Gareon Conley (born 1995), American football cornerback
  • Jack Conley (Australian rules footballer) (born 1923), Australian rules footballer
  • Jack Conley (footballer) (1920–1991), English footballer
  • Jason Conley (born 1981), American basketball player
  • Kim Conley (born 1986), American track and field athlete
  • Larry Conley (born 1944), American basketball player
  • Leonard Conley (born 1968), American football wide receiver and linebacker
  • Mike Conley, Sr. (born 1962), American triple jumper
  • Mike Conley, Jr. (born 1987), American basketball player
  • Scott Conley (American football) (born 1947), American football coach
  • Scott Conley (rugby league) (born 1973), Australian rugby league footballer
  • Snipe Conley (1894–1978), American baseball pitcher
  • Steve Conley (born 1972), American football player
  • T. J. Conley (born 1985), American football punter
  • Tim Conley (born 1958), American golfer
  • J. Michael "Mike" Conley (born 1936), see J. Michael Conley Elementary School at Southwood
  • Jean Conley, see Conley-Caraballo High School
  • Jim Conley (born c. 1884), see Leo Frank
See also
  • Comley (surname)
References Look up Conley in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.
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