Dylann Roof Manifesto
Dylann Roof Manifesto
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Dylann Roof Manifesto
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Dylann Roof : The Man And The Murderer, The Cause, And His Manifesto
Dylann Roof : The Man And The Murderer, The Cause, And His Manifesto
Arguments amongst people from all over the world are sometimes incorrect from the start, and further perpetuating myths and clichés; especially when there is no consensus on not only the source, but of the terminology. I think a lot of truth got lost when it transforms into an egotistical sports match. What we have are two different and opposite egos fighting each other. Besides Dylann Roof’s Manifesto, we will try to examine the mindset of this terrorist, murderer, thug, or mentally ill who committed this atrocity. When someone does something this evil, we should be asking questions, such as, “What make a person be this way?” Dylann Roof wasn’t born this way, so there must have been one or many life changing events. Among right-wing fundamentalists, black people are running the country. Is this paranoia? The point of this book is to also try to understand not only his actions, his personality, but those around him. It was reported that his girlfriend left him for a black man, which prompted this anger. The animosity was taken against those in the SC Church, not against his girlfriend who “betrayed” him, or even the black gentleman who left him in the dust.



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