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Mike Schlossberg
Michael H. "Mike" Schlossberg is an American politician and a Democratic member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. He has served the 132nd

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Mike Schlossberg Member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives
from the 132nd district Incumbent Assumed office
January 2, 2013 Preceded by Jennifer Mann Personal details Political party Democratic Spouse(s) Brenna Schlossberg Residence Allentown, Pennsylvania Alma mater Muhlenberg College
Lehigh University

Michael H. "Mike" Schlossberg is an American politician and a Democratic member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. He has served the 132nd district since 2013.

Schlossberg received a bachelor's degree from Muhlenberg College and a master's in political science from Lehigh University. After college, he worked as an aide to Lehigh County Executive Don Cunningham before taking a similar job with his legislative predecessor, Jennifer Mann. At the time of his election to the Pennsylvania Assembly, Schlossberg worked as vice president for member relations with the Lehigh County Chamber of Commerce.

Schlossberg was elected in 2009 to serve on the Allentown City Council, holding this seat until his House election victory. A freshman member at age 26, he is the youngest councilor in Allentown history.

Mike is married to Brenna Schlossberg, a teacher in the Allentown School District.

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  •    Republican (121)
  •    Democratic (82)
  • Pennsylvania General Assembly
  • Pennsylvania House of Representatives
  • Pennsylvania State Senate

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