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Bond, bonded, bonding, or bonds may refer to: Bond (Chinese constellation), both a mansion in the White Tiger constellation and an asterism within that

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Bond, bonded, bonding, or bonds may refer to:

  • 1 Places
    • 1.1 Extra-terrestrial
    • 1.2 Terrestrial
      • 1.2.1 Antarctica
      • 1.2.2 Australia
      • 1.2.3 Canada
      • 1.2.4 England
      • 1.2.5 United States
  • 2 People
  • 3 Arts, entertainment and media
    • 3.1 Books
    • 3.2 Films
    • 3.3 James Bond
    • 3.4 Music
    • 3.5 Television
  • 4 Brands and enterprises
    • 4.1 Bond
    • 4.2 Bonds
  • 5 Education
  • 6 Finance
  • 7 Judiciary
  • 8 Manufacturing, construction and electronics
  • 9 Organizations
  • 10 Science
    • 10.1 Biology and psychology
    • 10.2 Physical science
  • 11 Other uses
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Places Extra-terrestrial
  • Bond (Chinese constellation), both a mansion in the White Tiger constellation and an asterism within that mansion
  • Bond (crater), a crater on Mars
Terrestrial Antarctica
  • Bond Glacier, a glacier at the head of Vincennes Bay
  • Bond Nunatak, Adelaide Island
  • Bond Island, Queensland, an island in the Torres Strait
  • Bond Inlet, a body of water in Hudson Strait
  • Bond Street, a major shopping street in the West End of London
    • Bond Street tube station
  • Bonds, Lancashire, an English village
United States
  • Bond, Colorado
  • Bonds, Indiana
  • Bond, Mississippi
  • Bond, Tennessee
  • Bond Court Building, the former name of a highrise in Cleveland, Ohio
  • Bond Falls, a waterfall in the Ontonagon River, Michigan
  • Bond Hill, Ohio
  • Bond House (disambiguation), various National Registered Historic Places in the United States
  • Bond (surname)
  • Bonds (surname)
Arts, entertainment and media Books
  • The Bond (2007 book), 2007 American autobiography written by The Three Doctors
  • The Bond, a 1918 film by Charlie Chaplin supporting Liberty bonds
James Bond
  • James Bond (disambiguation)
  • James Bond, a series of spy fiction originally created by Ian Fleming
    • Bond girl, Bond's love interests in James Bond films
    • James Bond (literary character), a British secret agent who is the central character in a series of novels
    • James Bond filmography, a British secret agent who is the central character in a series of films
    • James Bond in film, the James Bond film series is a popular series of 25 films featuring Fleming's secret agent
    • List of James Bond novels and short stories, the original literary works by Fleming, plus works by other authors after Fleming's death (usually commissioned by the owner of the Fleming copyrights, a company now known as Ian Fleming Publications)
  • Bond (band), an Australian/British string quartet
    • Bond: Video Clip Collection, a video collection from the band
  • Bond (Canadian band), a Canadian rock band in the 1970s
  • The Bonding (album), 2013 album by Austrian symphonic metal band Edenbridge
  • "Bonding" (Kim Possible), 2004 episode of television series Kim Possible
  • The Bonding, 1989 episode of television series Star Trek: The Next Generation
Brands and enterprises Bond
  • Bond (wine), California cult wine producer
  • BOND, RAD software tool
  • Bond Arms, a Texas gun manufacturer
  • Bond Aviation Group, a British helicopter operator
  • Bond Cars Ltd, a small scale car manufacturer between 1949 and 1971:
    • Bond 875, three-wheeled motor car
    • Bond Bug, three-wheeled motor car
    • Bond Equipe, their first four-wheeled motor car
    • Bond Minicar, three-wheeled motor car
  • Bond Clothing Stores, a former New York clothing company
  • Bonds (clothing), Australian clothing company
  • Bonds, formerly the name of a department store in Chelmsford, Essex, now called Debenhams Chelmsford
  • Bonds, formerly the name of a department store in Norwich, England, now called John Lewis Norwich
  • Bond Education Group, Toronto, Ontario
  • Bond University, Gold Coast, Australia
    • Bond South Africa, South African campus of Bond University
  • Bond (finance), in finance, a type of debt security
    • Catastrophe bond (or cat bond), a form of reinsurance
    • Corporate bond, a bond issued by a corporation
    • Development impact bond (DIB)
    • Government bond, a bond issued by a national government
      • War bond, a type of government bond used to raise funding for a war effort
    • Insurance bond (or investment bond), a life assurance-based single premium investment
    • Mortgage bond, in South Africa a bond or mortgage bond is the usual term for property mortgage
    • Municipal bond, a bond issued by a city or local government
    • Social impact bond (SIB)
    • Surety bond, a three-party contract, where the surety promises to pay the obligee for non-performance or dishonesty by the principal
      • Performance bond, a surety bond for completion of work under a contract
    • Tenancy bond (or damage deposit), a deposit taken by a landlord in relation to rental of a property
  • Bond market
  • Bond of association, a basic building-block of credit unions and of co-operative banks
  • Bond vigilante, a form of political protest by selling bonds
  • Bonded labor (or debt bondage), a system of servitude where someone must work to pay off a debt
  • Bonding an employee (such as Fidelity bond), a form of insurance that protects businesses against fraudulent acts of its employees
  • Bail bond, a commercial third-party guarantor of surety bonds in the United States
  • Bond of Association, a British legal document from the 16th century
  • Bond of manrent, a Scottish clan treaty
  • Bond v The Queen, a 2000 High Court of Australia case
  • Bond v. United States (2000), a U.S. Supreme Court case regarding the Fourth Amendment
  • Peace bond, a protection order from a Canadian court
Manufacturing, construction and electronics
  • Bond, the manner in which the bricks overlap as they are laid in brickwork
  • Bond paper, a high quality durable writing paper
  • Bond store, another name for bonded warehouse, where alcohol may be held without tax under strict conditions
  • Bonded leather (or reconstituted leather)
  • "Bonding", a method for creating electric interconnects:
    • Ball bonding, a method very similar to wire bonding
    • Chip bonding, method of wiring some chips (also from different manufactures) together on die an integrated circuit
    • Wire bonding, a method of making interconnections between a microchip and the outside world as part of semiconductor device fabrication
  • Bottled in bond, referring to a type of American whiskey
  • Channel bonding (or modem bonding), an arrangement in which two or more network interfaces on a host computer are combined
    • NIC bonding, an alternate name for link aggregation
  • Electrical bonding, practice of connecting all metal objects in a room to protect from electric shock
  • Bond (for international development), the membership body for UK-based NGOs working in international development
  • Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny (BOND), created by Jesse Lee Peterson
Science Biology and psychology
  • Pair bond, in biology, the strong affinity that develops in some species between the male and female in a breeding pair, or, sometimes, between individuals of the same sex
    • Affectional bond
    • Human bonding
    • Male bonding
    • Maternal bond
    • Paternal bond
Physical science
  • Bond albedo, a measure of the electromagnetic radiation reflected from an astronomical body
  • Bond fluctuation model, a lattice model for simulating the conformation and dynamics of polymer systems
  • Bond graph, a graphical description of a physical dynamic system
  • Bond number, in fluid mechanics, a dimensionless number expressing the ratio of gravitational forces to surface tension forces
  • Chemical bond, the physical phenomenon of chemical substances being held together by attraction of atoms
    • Covalent bond, between nonmetals
    • Ionic bond, between metal and nonmetals
    • Metallic bond, between metals
Other uses
  • Bond (sheep), Australian breed of sheep
  • Bonding (dental), a dental procedure in which a dentist applies a resin material to the tooth
See also
  • Bond Head (disambiguation)
  • Bond Street (disambiguation)
  • Bonde (disambiguation)
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