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Kentucky Chance, Maryland Chance, South Dakota Chance, Virginia Chancé, a commune in Brittany, France Chance (band), an American country music group Chance Records

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Chance may refer to:

  • 1 Philosophy, logic and theology
  • 2 Places
    • 2.1 United States
    • 2.2 Elsewhere
  • 3 Music
    • 3.1 Albums
    • 3.2 Songs
  • 4 Other media
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Philosophy, logic and theology
  • Chance (philosophy) or indeterminism
  • Contingency (philosophy)
  • Luck
  • Probability
  • Likelihood
  • Randomness
  • Risk
Places United States
  • Chance, Kentucky
  • Chance, Maryland
  • Chance, South Dakota
  • Chance, Virginia
  • Chancé, a commune in Brittany, France
  • Chance (band), an American country music group
  • Chance Records, an American record label
  • Chance the Rapper (born 1993), Chicago hip hop recording artist
  • Kamal Givens or Chance (born 1981), American rapper and reality-show contestant
  • Chance (Manfred Mann's Earth Band album)
  • Chance (Candi Staton album)
  • "Chance" (Act song)
  • "Chance" (Big Country song)
  • "Chance!" (Koharu Kusumi song)
  • "Chance" (Miho Komatsu song), 1998
  • "Chance" (Sylvie Vartan song), 1963
  • "Chance", by DC Talk from Intermission: the Greatest Hits
  • "Chance" (Savatage song)
  • "Chance!", by Uverworld from Timeless
  • "Chance!", by Yui Asaka
  • "A Chance", by Kenny Chesney
Other media
  • Chance (comics), two different characters from the Marvel Comics universe
  • Chance (1984 film), a 1984 Russian science fiction comedy film
  • Chance (2002 film), a 2002 film directed by and starring Amber Benson
  • "Chance" (Fear Itself), a TV series episode
  • Chance (Conrad novel), a 1913 novel by Joseph Conrad
  • Chance (Parker novel), a 1996 novel by Robert B. Parker
  • Chance (TV series), a 2016 American Thriller/Drama television series at streaming site Hulu
Other uses
  • Chance (name), a given name and surname
  • Chance Brothers, a glass company
  • Chance Rides, an amusement park ride and roller coaster manufacturer
  • Chance (baseball), a defensive statistic
  • Chance and Community Chest cards, used in the game Monopoly
  • Chance (statistics magazine)
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  • Chances (disambiguation)
  • Chance Coach (disambiguation)
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What Do You Do With a Chance?
What Do You Do With a Chance?
The award–winning creators of The New York Times best sellers What Do You Do With an Idea? and What Do You Do With a Problem? return with a captivating story about a child who isn't sure what to make of a chance encounter and then discovers that when you have courage, take chances, and say yes to new experiences, amazing things can happen. In this story, a child is visited by his first chance and unsure what to do with it, he lets it go. Later on, when a new chance arrives he reaches for it, but this time he misses and falls. Embarrassed and afraid, he begins ignoring each new chance that comes by, even though he still wants to take them. Then one day he realizes that he doesn't need to be brave all the time, just at the right time, to find out what amazing things can happen when he takes a chance… The final addition to the award-winning What Do You Do With…? picture book series created by New York Times best-selling author Kobi Yamada and illustrator by Mae Besom, What Do You Do With a Chance? inspires kids of all ages and parents alike to find the courage to go for the opportunities that come their way. Because you never know when a chance, once taken, might be the one to change everything. Praise for What Do You Do With a Chance? “This is a simple tale with a big message: about embracing life, overcoming fears and insecurities, and flying free.”—Foreword Reviews “This is a book that will grow with readers: use it to inspire conversations of a philosophical nature as well as for practical problem-solving.”—Kirkus Reviews “A read-aloud worthy of repeated reading, Yamada and Besom once again urge young readers to live inspired lives, to face their fears, and to know that the full range of their feelings makes them human.”—The Children’s Bookshelf “Children of all ages will be inspired to take chances as it ‘just might be the start of something incredible.”—School Library Journal  “Yamada’s relatable story urges readers of all ages to take the chances that come their way—they could be the start of something incredible.”—BookPage  

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From Los Angeles Times Book Prize winner Kem Nunn and “principal heir to the tradition of Raymond Chandler and Nathanael West” (The Washington Post)—an intense psychological suspense novel about a San Francisco neuropsychiatrist who becomes sexually involved with a woman suffering from multiple personality disorder, whose pathological ex-husband is an Oakland homicide detective.A dark tale involving psychiatric mystery, sexual obsession, fractured identities, and terrifyingly realistic violence—Chance is set amid the back streets of California’s Bay Area, far from the cleansing breezes of the ocean. Dr. Eldon Chance, a neuropsychiatrist, is a man primed for spectacular ruin. Into Dr. Chance’s blighted life walks Jaclyn Blackstone, the abused, attractive wife of an Oakland homicide detective, a violent and jealous man. Jaclyn appears to be suffering from a dissociative identity disorder. In time, Chance will fall into bed with her—or is it with her alter ego, the voracious and volatile Jackie Black? The not-so-good doctor, despite his professional training, isn’t quite sure—and thereby hangs his fascination with her. Meanwhile, Chance also meets a young man named D, a self-styled, streetwise philosopher skilled in the art of the blade. It is around this trio of unique and dangerous individuals that long guarded secrets begin to unravel, obsessions grow, and the doctor’s carefully arranged life comes to the brink of implosion. Amid San Francisco’s fluid, ever-shifting fog, in the cool, gray city of love, Dr. Chance will at last be forced to live up to his name. Chance is a twisted, harrowing, and impossible-to-put-down head trip through the fun house of fate, mesmerizing until the very last page.

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