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Chris Cox
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Chris Cox (Facebook)
Christopher "Chris" Cox (born 1982) is Chief Product Officer at Facebook, where he serves as chief of staff to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on product

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Chris Cox Chris Cox of FacebookBorn 1982 (age 35–36)
Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.Education Stanford UniversityOccupation Chief Product Officer, FacebookSpouse(s) Visra Vichit-Vadakan (m. 2010)

Christopher "Chris" Cox (born 1982) is Chief Product Officer at Facebook,[1] where he serves as chief of staff to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on product development[2] and leads the company's worldwide product management, design and marketing functions.

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Education and early career

Cox received a bachelor's degree in symbolic systems with a concentration in artificial intelligence from Stanford University, which he attended from 2001 to 2004.[3] Cox dropped out of a graduate degree program at Stanford to join Facebook in 2005.[2] He started as a software engineer and worked on first versions of many key Facebook products, including News Feed. As a 25-year-old engineer, he was promoted to Director of Human Resources[4] and later to Vice President of Product[2][5] before becoming Chief Product Officer.[1] As of July 2016 he held approximately 391 thousand Facebook shares worth $45 million.[6]


Cox oversees hundreds of engineers, designers and product managers[7] responsible for new features and products. He helped build Facebook’s News Feed and still oversees the News Feed team.[1] His May 2014 promotion to Chief Product Officer “cements (him) as a leader of Facebook alongside COO Sheryl Sandberg.”[1] Cox gives a talk to all new recruits about Facebook’s mission, culture and philosophy.[5]

As of Tuesday, May 8, 2018, Cox was promoted to Chief Product Officer of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger in an effort that will integrate its high-profile acquisitions more deeply into the larger company.[8]


Business Insider called Cox “a triple threat — an engineer who can build company-defining products, an operator who can recruit and manage good people, and a long-term strategic thinker.”[9] He is also known for his focus on bringing people and technology together. “Technology does not need to estrange us from one another,” Cox told Wired. “The physical reality comes alive with the human stories we have told there.”[10]


Cox envisions a future in which what your friends recommend on social networks plays a bigger role in what you buy, do, or watch on TV. He told The Wall Street Journal that he believes there will be a time “when you turn on the TV, and you see what your mom and friends are watching, and they can record stuff for you. Instead of 999 channels, you will see 999 recommendations from your friends."[2]

Personal life

Cox was born in Atlanta and raised in Winnetka, Illinois.[7] At an early age, he learned to play piano and to program computers.[7] He has played in New Trier's jazz band[7] and is considered a “remarkably talented keyboardist” in a reggae band.[1]

Late in 2010, Cox married his college sweetheart Visra Vichit-Vadakan, a trained biologist turned movie director[11] and granddaughter of Luang Wichitwathakan,[12] a Thai politician, historian, novelist and playwright.

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Ride the Journey: A Step-By-Step Guide to Authentic Horsemanship (Western Horseman Books)
Ride the Journey: A Step-By-Step Guide to Authentic Horsemanship (Western Horseman Books)
Cox, Chris, McFarland, Cynthia

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The Leading Edge in GROUND CONTROL - Chris Cox DVD
The Leading Edge in GROUND CONTROL - Chris Cox DVD
In this series, clinician and educator Chris Cox teaches you how to gain control of your horse on the ground and establish a foundation of communication that will translate into the saddle. With effective, step-by-step methods you will learn how to teach your horse to respect your space and move as directed. Without a roundpen or stick, Chris will show you how to master your communication with halter and lead rope alone. By relying on simple tools and authentic horsemanship, you will always be prepared to communicate effectively with your horse, anytime or anyplace. As Chris works with an untrained young horse, you will see first-hand what it takes to establish a solid foundation on the ground. Once you've mastered your groundwork in the arena or paddock, Chris will show you how to add some spice to your learning and use your newfound skills to traverse obstacles such as gullies, logs and trees. Runtime: 1 hour 3 minutes Lessons: • Disengaging the Hindquarters • Handling the Feet • Direct & Drive • Direct & Drive Over Obstacles • Refining Your Groundwork NTSC Region: 1

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Colt Starting with Chris Cox
Colt Starting with Chris Cox
You have a rare opportunity to learn the authentic, stright-forward techniques Chris uses to start his own horses at home, and those he has used to win two consecutive road to the Horse championships. Working with a stud colt named Peanut, Chris shows you how to start the young horse in a calm manner that does not leave the colt winded. Working with simple tools (halter, lead, saddle and pad), you'll learn how to use good horsemanship to develop a soft and willing colt without a bit or tying around. Peppered with valuable tips throughout, the series is a "must have" for anyone who wants to start their own horse in a safe and effective manner. Runtime: 2 hr. 14 min. Disc one: Preparing for Success, Didengaging the Hind End with Lead Rope, Saddling, Round Penning, Mounting, First Ride with the Halter Disc two: Preparing for the second ride on the ground, Second Ride in the Arena. 3 dvds in clamshell case.

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RIDING CORRECTLY From Beginner to Advanced - Chris Cox DVD
RIDING CORRECTLY From Beginner to Advanced - Chris Cox DVD
Get a grasp on your riding once and for all! When you first start riding, you may be happy to just stay on, but as you progress as a rider, you quickly realize the many layers of finesse that good riders utilize with their seat, hands, legs and shoulders. In this in-depth two disc DVD, Chris will help you understand how your riding effects your horse's response and help you become a more effective rider. Chris uses innovative point-of-view footage to show you exactly where he is looking and in turn, how it affects the horse's response. Whether you ride Western or English, these techniques will help you learn to become one with your horse. 2 Discs Runtime: 75 min.

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Training for your horse for TRAIL RIDING - Chris Cox 2 DVDS
Training for your horse for TRAIL RIDING - Chris Cox 2 DVDS
Horses were made to be ridden outside. By taking your training out on the trail you keep your horse mentally stimulated, give him a job and he'll be happier for it. Proper preparation is key however to enjoying your time on the trail. In this thorough 2 disc DVD set, equine educator Chris Cox shows you what you need to do to prepare before you hit the trail and how to successfully overcome the challenges and obstacles you will face along the way. As an added bonus, you'll learn not only how to navigate the natural landscape, but also how to use it to your training advantage. Runtime: 1 hour 38 minutes Disc 1 • Foundation in the Flatlands • Rein Management • Lateral Flexion • Steering and Control of Your Horse • Guiding Exercises • Jigging on the Trail • Other Riders on the Trail Disc 2 • Steep Inclines • Shying Issues • Water Crossings • Exercises for Advanced Horses NTSC, Region: 1

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Start early and start right with your foals and you'll reap a lifetime of rewards. Chris iwll teach you when to start working with your foals, what to work on and how much pressure to apply in each lesson. It is essential that you think of your foals as small horses, not as pets. Spoil them and you'll pay for it later. Establish good habits early and you'll be rewarded throughout your horse's lifetime. Disc One: Starting Groundwork, Introducing the Halter. Disc Two: Haltering, Leading, Handling the Feet, Working in the Arena. Runtime: 1 hour, 13 minutes.

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Creating the Natural HEADSET - Chris Cox DVDs
Creating the Natural HEADSET - Chris Cox DVDs
Establishing a natural headset is a key element to becoming a better horseman. Plus, riding a horse with softness, collection and a natural headset is sure to accelerate your enjoyment of your time in the saddle! Stop fighting with your horse and learn how to create a natural headset with proper feel and timing. In this two disc set, renowned clinician Chris Cox starts by showing you the results of training for a natural headset on a finished horse. Watch as a student and untrained horse work on vertical flexion under Chris' expert tutelage and then as Chris works to transform a problem horse with a bad headset who has never been ridden without a tie down. This series is packed with practical application tips that allow you to develop a deep and authentic understanding of a horse's headset and gives you the knowledge to correct problems such as head tossing and pulling on the bit. Runtime: 1 hour 47 minutes

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