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Dekker is a Dutch occupational surname equivalent to English Thatcher. Notable people with the surname include: Aesop Dekker (born 1970), American rock

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Look up dekker in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Not to be confused with Decker.

Dekker is a Dutch occupational surname equivalent to English Thatcher. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Aesop Dekker (born 1970), American rock drummer
  • Albert Dekker (1905–1968), American actor and politician
  • Anne Fleur Dekker (born 1994), Dutch environmentalist and journalist
  • Ans Dekker (born 1955), Dutch gymnast
  • Anouk Dekker (born 1986), Dutch footballer
  • Carl Dekker (1922–2000), pseudonym of the Australian historian and journalist John Laffin
  • Cees Dekker (born 1959), Dutch physicist
  • Chris Dekker (born 1945), Dutch footballer
  • Cornelis Dekker (c.1645–1685), Dutch physician and essayist known as Cornelis Bontekoe
  • Cornelis Gerrits Dekker (1618–1678), Dutch landscape painter
  • Daniël Dekker (born 1960), Dutch disc jockey and radio host
  • Desmond Dekker (1941–2006), Jamaican singer
  • Eduard Douwes Dekker (1820–1887), Dutch writer; also known as Multatuli
  • Elly Dekker (born 1943), Dutch astrophysicist and museum curator
  • Ernest Douwes Dekker (1879–1950), Dutch politician and writer
  • Erik Dekker (born 1970), Dutch racing cyclist
  • Femke Dekker (born 1979), Dutch rower
  • Frans Dekker (1684–1751), Dutch painter
  • Fred Dekker (born 1959), American film director and writer
  • Gé Dekker (1904–1995), Dutch competitive swimmer
  • Hannie Singer-Dekker (1917–2007), Dutch Labour Party politician
  • Hendrik Adriaan Christiaan Dekker (1836–1905), Dutch painter and lithographer
  • Inge Dekker (born 1985), Dutch competitive swimmer
  • Jacob Gelt Dekker (born 1948), Dutch businessman, philanthropist, and writer
  • Jan Dekker (sailor) (born 1967), French/South African competitive sailor
  • Jan Dekker (born 1990), Dutch darts player
  • Jens Dekker (born 1998), Dutch cyclo-cross cyclist
  • Jeremias de Dekker (c. 1610 – 1666), Dutch poet
  • Jonathan Dekker (born 1983), American football tight end
  • Laura Dekker (born 1995), New Zealand-born Dutch solo sailor
  • Lia Dekker (born 1987), Dutch competitive swimmer
  • Marcel Dekker (born 1930s), Dutch-born American encyclopedia publisher
  • Mark Dekker (born 1969), Zimbabwean cricketer
  • Maurits Dekker (1896–1962), Dutch novelist and playwright
  • Michelle Dekker (born 1996), Dutch snowboarder
  • Niels Dekker (born 1983), Dutch -born Canadian soccer player
  • Paul Dekker (1931–2001), Canadian-American football player
  • Rachelle Dekker (born 1986), American novelist, daughter of Ted Dekker
  • René Dekker (born 1970s), Dutch-born interior designer
  • Rick Dekker (born 1995), Dutch footballer
  • Ron Dekker (born 1966), Dutch competitive swimmer
  • Sam Dekker (born 1994), American basketball player
  • Sander Dekker (born 1975), Dutch VVD politician
  • Sidney Dekker (born 1969), Dutch-born psychologist and safety scientist
  • Steve Dekker (de; fr; nl) (born 1988), Dutch DJ known as "Dr. Peacock"
  • Sybilla Dekker (born 1942), Dutch VVD politician
  • Ted Dekker (born 1962), Indonesian-born American author
  • Theodorus Dekker (born 1927), Dutch mathematician known for Dekker's algorithm
  • Thomas Dekker (writer) (c. 1572 – 1632), English writer
  • Thomas Dekker (cyclist) (born 1984), Dutch racing cyclist
  • Thomas Dekker (actor) (born 1987), American actor
  • Tim Dekker (fr; nl; pl) (born 1993), Dutch decathlete
  • Tony Dekker (born 1980s), Canadian singer and songwriter
  • Travis Dekker (born 1985), American football tight end
  • Tristan Dekker (born 1996), Dutch footballer
  • Vince Gino Dekker (born 1997), Dutch footballer
  • Wade Dekker (born 1994), Australian soccer player
  • Wisse Dekker (1924–2012), Dutch businessman; CEO of Philips
Fictional characters
  • John Dekker (Wing Commander), computer game character
  • Maggie Dekker, character in the TV series Eli Stone
Given name
  • Dekker Curry (born 1966), Irish cricketer
  • Dekker Dreyer (born 1980), American film director and producer
See also
  • Dekkers (surname)
  • Decker (surname)
  • Den Dekker
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