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Eternal Atake
Eternal Atake is the second upcoming studio album by American rapper Lil Uzi Vert. Lil Uzi Vert has also published to Twitter two messages "Eternal Atake"

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Eternal AtakeStudio album by Lil Uzi VertReleasedTBDGenreHip hopLabelAtlanticLil Uzi Vert chronology Luv Is Rage 2
(2017) Eternal Atake
(2019) Singles from Eternal Atake
  1. "New Patek"
    Released: September 18, 2018

Eternal Atake is the second upcoming studio album by American rapper Lil Uzi Vert.[1][2]

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Lil Uzi Vert has also published to Twitter two messages "Eternal Atake" and "Eternal means forever. Atake means 2 overtake", that were described as cryptic.[3] On 31 July 2018, which is also Uzi Vert's 24th birthday, he removed all posts from his Instagram profile except for two - a snippet about "New Patek" and the cover art of Eternal Atake. "As promised - the keys to Eternal Atake are here again in Luv and Rage (The UFO 2) as Lil Uzi Vert and his father 2000 years ago" is a phrase placed at the bottom of the album's cover art.[4][5][6] On December 9, Uzi confirmed that Eternal Atake has been finished and is set for release.[7]

Cover art

On July 13, 2018, Uzi Vert shared the cover art of Eternal Atake,[8] which is a rework of Heaven’s Gate's logo. The cover art consists of the words "Eternal Atake" written inside a keyhole.[9][10][11] In response to the cover art, the two surviving members of the cult suggested that legal actions could be taken against Uzi Vert for using their logo.[12][13] A representative of the group stated in an email that "he is using and adapting our copyrights and trademarks without our permission and the infringement will be taken up with our attorneys. This is not fair use or parody, it is a direct and clear infringement."[14][15]

Track listing

Track listing adapted from Genius.[16]

No.TitleMusicLength1."Intro"TM88 2."New Patek"Dolan Beats5:443."That's A Rack"Oogie Mane 4."All My Sauce"  5."1600"Forza & Oogie Mane4:226."Of Course"Forza & Oogie Mane3:307."Proud Of You"Bugz Ronin 8."Numb"TisaKorean 9."Come This Way"Oogie Mane 10."Zoom"Wheezy2:2011."Dirty Diana"Bugz Ronin 12."Thot Back" (featuring Ballout)Pi'erre Bourne 13."Me And The Moon Relate"Danny Wolf & Kid808 14."Money Keep Coming"  15."Scarecrow"  16."Myron/Like Me"Oogie Mane & Supah Mario 17."Fast As You Can"DP Beats 18."Lotus"Oogie Mane 19."Shinin'"  20."It's Going Down"Oogie Mane 21."Rollie" (featuring Chief Keef)Pi'erre Bourne 22."Run It Up"Bugz Ronin6:48 References
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