Larry Scott
Larry Scott
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Larry Scott (bodybuilder)
Larry Dee Scott (October 12, 1938 – March 8, 2014), nicknamed "The Legend" and "The Golden Boy," was an American IFBB professional bodybuilder. He won

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For other uses, see Larry Scott (disambiguation). Larry Scott BodybuilderPersonal infoNickname The Legend, The Golden BoyBorn (1938-10-12)October 12, 1938
Blackfoot, Idaho, U.S.Died March 8, 2014(2014-03-08) (aged 75)
Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.Height 5 ft 7 in (1.70 m)Weight 208 lb (94 kg)Professional careerPro-debut 1959 Mr. Idaho, 1959Best win IFBB Mr. Olympia 1965-1966, two consecutive times,Predecessor NoneSuccessor Sergio OlivaActive 1959-1966, 1979-1980

Larry Dee Scott (October 12, 1938 – March 8, 2014), nicknamed "The Legend" and "The Golden Boy," was an American IFBB professional bodybuilder. He won the inaugural 1965 Mr. Olympia competition and defended the crown at the 1966 Mr. Olympia contest before retiring.

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Early life

Larry Dee Scott was born in Pocatello, Idaho to Thea Scott and machinist Wayne Scott.[1] He began training at age 16 and won the Mr. Idaho competition in 1959 at age 20. After moving to California, he promptly won Mr. California (1960), Mr. Pacific Coast (1961), Mr. America (1962), and Mr. Universe (1964). When Joe Weider created the IFBB's Mr. Olympia title, Scott won the first two contests in 1965 and 1966. Although retiring after his 1966 Olympia win, he staged a brief comeback in 1979 before he finally retired from competition in 1980. He studied electronics at the California Air College, and was known to be a devout Mormon.[2] He married Rachel Scott (née Ichikawa).[3] The Scotts had five children: daughter Susan, and sons Erin, Nathan, Derek, and Michael. Derek died in a motorcycle accident in 1992, and Michael died in 1993.[1]

Later life

He played a minor role in the 1964 movie Muscle Beach Party. When he started weight training in 1956, his narrow shoulders were a particular weak spot. He trained with Vince Gironda, a well-known bodybuilder of the time, and became best known for his arm development, particularly his impressive and unusually long biceps. He attributed his biceps to an exercise called the "Preacher Curl", invented by Gironda, later known as the "Scott Curl" due to its association with Scott.

Scott was also a popular physique model during the early to mid-1960s, working for photographers Bruce of Los Angeles, Don Whitman (of the Western Photography Guild), and Pat Milo. Milo introduced Scott to a larger audience and helped him hone his posing and photographic persona: the "boy next door". Larry regularly appeared in all of Joe Weider's bodybuilding magazines, including Mr. America and Muscle Builder, also appearing in Demi Gods, Muscleboy, Muscles a Go-Go and The Young Physique. As an IFBB member, he wrote exclusively for Joe Weider's publications.

From 1960 until his first retirement in 1966, Scott was bodybuilding's top superstar. Bodybuilding magazines soon began capitalizing on his clean-cut, all-American image. His popularity become known as "Larry Fever" and reached its apex at the first Mr. Olympia competition in 1965, winning the "jewel"-encrusted crown against Harold Poole. Scott defended his title and won the 1966 Mr. Olympia title, receiving a $1,000 prize.

News of his retirement at the age of 28 shocked the sport, but he prioritized his second marriage and felt he had done all he could in competitive bodybuilding after two Olympia wins.

Rod Labbe, a freelance writer and fan, collaborated with Scott on five articles: a two-part interview in Flex magazine, two articles in Ironman, the "Poetry in Motion" article in MuscleMag International, and a promotional article for Scarlet: the Film Magazine about American International's Muscle Beach Party (1964), with (Don Rickles).[4]

Scott retired to Salt Lake City, Utah, operating his personal training company Larry Scott Fitness & Nutrition. The company manufactured and sold custom gym equipment and health supplements.[1][5] He was inducted into the IFBB Hall of Fame in 1999.


On March 8, 2014, Scott died of complications from Alzheimer's disease at his home in Salt Lake City, Utah.[3][6] He was 75 years old.[7]

  • The first IFBB professional bodybuilder to build 20" upper arms, using Vince Gironda's principles, popularizing Vince's preacher curl bench so much it is now known as "Scott curls".
  • The first bodybuilder to win Mr. America, Mr. Universe, and Mr. Olympia competitions.
  • Won the first two Mr Olympia contests, 1965 and 1966.
  • The only bodybuilder never to lose a Mr. Olympia competition in which he competed.
  • Popularized an exercise combination of a dumbbell press and side lateral raise, known as the "Scott press".
Bodybuilding titles
  • 1959 Mr. Idaho, 1st
  • 1960 Mr. California - AAU, Winner
  • 1960 Mr. California - AAU, Most Muscular, 1st
  • 1960 Mr. Los Angeles - AAU, Most Muscular, 3rd
  • 1960 Mr. Los Angeles - AAU, 3rd
  • 1961 Mr. Pacific Coast - AAU, Most Muscular, 1st
  • 1961 Mr. Pacific Coast - AAU, Winner
  • 1962 Mr. America, Medium, 2 and Overall
  • 1963 Mr. Universe, Medium, 1st
  • 1964 Mr. Universe, Medium, 1st and Overall
  • 1965 Mr. Olympia, 1st
  • 1966 Mr. Olympia, 1st
  • 1979 Canada Diamond Pro Cup, 9th
  • 1979 Grand Prix Vancouver, Did not place
See also
  • List of male professional bodybuilders
  • List of female professional bodybuilders
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External links
  • The official Larry Scott website
  • Larry Scott on IMDb
  • Larry Scott Gallery
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Loaded Guns
Loaded Guns
Two books in one! Larry's own story about how he took his smaller-than-average 120 lbs. to a 210 lb. Mr. Olympia. Included is the little known story of his retirement and photos of his body weight drop from 210 lbs. to 155 lbs. To cap it off, he gives the detailed and illustrated account of how he regained his former Olympian size using his new discoveries which are fully illustraated in the remaining 150 pages of the book.

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Building the Body: 2014 - Spring
Building the Body: 2014 - Spring
Building the Body is published 4 times a year and gives a new slant on bodybuilding. It’s all about how to get the most from your training by having a holistic approach, paying attention to all aspects of your workouts, nutrition, attitude and recuperation. Unlike other bodybuilding mags that contain 75% advertising, it contains no paid advertising, just helpful information based on my personal experience and that of my clients.This edition, dedicated to Larry Scott includes:1. Passing of a Legend -- saddened by the passing of Larry Scott we dedicate this issue to his memory. In this article Frank tells how Larry inspired him.2. Benefits of Massage -- Here's why it's a good idea to get a massage every week or two.3. Herbs, Spices and Inflammation -- Better to take these than resort to drugs, here are the best ones but don't count on immediate relief.4. Arm Reps -- the secret to great arm development is to get at least a pump, preferably a burn on every set. This call for higher reps, here's how.5. Wide Asleep -- Sleep is vital for many reasons, these are some of the most important.6. Let's Grow is here! -- I'm happy to present my newest book for sale, only available here, personally autographed. It's got tons of information on how to isolate and grow specific bodyparts and create a well shaped body.7. My Personal Workout -- I've been working out three times a week on the new Let's Grow routine doing back of upper body on Tuesday, Legs on Thursday, and front of upper body on Saturday.8. About Let's Grow -- Early reviews love this book and I had fun writing it.9. Shaken not Stirred -- is the best way to take our new Egg White Perfection. An interview with amino acid expert Don Tyson lays out the fundamentals and nutritional benefits of amino acid and protein supplementation.10. Personal Progress -- Gotta say I'm pleased with how my body is responding to my three workouts a week and my stricter nutritonal program.11. We Get Letters -- A bunch of interesting emails this issue, could write an entire issue just on reader comments and questions.12. Under the Sun -- I knew it, this is why a little sunbathing is good for you.13. Front Raise -- Do you need to add this movement to your upper body workout? Usually not if you are doing a lot of pressing movements, but if you did need more frontal deltoids what's the best way to do this exercise?14. Frankly Speaking -- Here's what I think.15. Goods and Services -- We have a protein amino acid supplement special for paid subscribers to BTB. If you don't already, subscribe for $24 a year in USA. We just uncovered a lot of color slides taken 1970 through early 1990 Frank Zane and other competitors which all unpublished which will be featured in upcoming issue of Building the Body.

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Great Scott: The Rare Imaginary Comic Book Covers of Larry Blamire
Great Scott: The Rare Imaginary Comic Book Covers of Larry Blamire
It's like browsing a spinner rack in another dimension, as artist, writer, filmmaker, bon vivant and nosy busybody Larry Blamire channels his love for 12-cent silver age comic books and sheer absurdity with a colorful volume of completely made up, but strangely convincing comic covers, ranging from slightly quirky to completely unhinged. DC, Marvel, Dell/Gold Key, Harvey, ACG--no type of Silver Age comic escapes his artistic madness as Blamire seeks to capture a wide variety of imaginary comic titles, and convincingly so, suggesting a collection of comic books from an alternate reality. Foreword by celebrated comic book artist/editor/publisher Stephen Bissette.

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Tony Scott: A Filmmaker on Fire
Tony Scott: A Filmmaker on Fire
Tony Scott got his start as a film director when he joined his brother at the lucrative commercial directing company Ridley Scott Associates. After directing Top Gun--his second film, which changed not only the trajectory of his own life but of the entire action-movie industry--Scott's career would be a roller coaster of blockbuster hits, personal films and confounding failures. With extensive research and original interviews with actors, cinematographers and writers, this book documents Tony Scott's larger-than-life persona from his early days to his untimely death, which left a hole in genre filmmaking yet to be filled.

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Frozen: My Journey Into the World of Cryonics, Deception, and Death
Frozen: My Journey Into the World of Cryonics, Deception, and Death
At first, the job as clinical director at Alcor Life Extension Foundation was an exciting change for veteran paramedic Larry Johnson: a well-funded research facility pushing the limits of modern biotech. But as he gained the trust of his eccentric coworkers and was promoted to acting COO, Larry was thrust into a nightmare world of scandalous controversy, gruesome practices, and deadly secrets. One secret Larry unearthed was the full, tragic, never-before-heard story of what truly happened to the body of baseball icon and American hero Ted Williams. Compelled by this and other horrific discoveries, Larry began copying documents, taking secret pictures, and ultimately wearing a wire every day at Alcor. He started living two lives: "Alcorian" by day, whistleblower by night. Beyond the senseless animal experiments, beyond the dumping of toxic chemicals and AIDS-contaminated blood into the public sewage system, these people saw themselves as the elite, the immortal saviors of mankind who would lead us into the future. Inside this cultlike mentality, anything seemed justified. Maybe even murder. Then Alcor found out. The death threats began. Fleeing from state to state, Larry was stalked and threatened again and again. They chased him through the streets. They left death threats under his windshield wipers. They terrorized his family. Larry Johnson never wanted to be a whistleblower. But he knows this story must be told. Written in Larry's own memorable voice and verified by actual transcripts of his "secret recordings," Frozen reads like a medical thriller---but every word is shockingly true.

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Crater: A National Park Thriller (Scott Tanner Series Book 1)
Crater: A National Park Thriller (Scott Tanner Series Book 1)
Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United States and at the bottom rests a B-1B bomber and its cargo of 24 nuclear weapons. Scott Tanner, a former Navy SEAL, and his eccentric partner, David Stafford, are called into action to recover the plane and its deadly cargo, a mission that could determine the fate of Crater Lake National Park forever. Tanner and Stafford soon discover the horrific facts surrounding the accident and are face to face with an enemy who will do anything to prevent the safe removal of the weapons. The terrorists are on the run and with them the means to detonate the bombs from anywhere on earth.Scott Tanner and David Stafford are put to the test in Crater the first book in the action packed thriller series. Can they save those in the Red Zone from a nuclear holocaust and what is the cost of failure?

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Every Day I Fight: Making a Difference, Kicking Cancer's Ass
Every Day I Fight: Making a Difference, Kicking Cancer's Ass
“When you die, it does not mean that you lose to cancer.  You beat cancer by how you live, why you live, and the manner in which you live.” – Stuart Scott The fearless, intimate, and inspiring story behind ESPN anchor Stuart Scott’s unrelenting fight against cancer, with a foreword by Robin Roberts. Shortly before he passed away, on January 4, 2015, Stuart Scott completed work on this memoir. It was both a labor of love and a love letter to life itself. Not only did Stuart relate his personal story—his childhood in North Carolina, his supportive family, his athletic escapades, his on-the-job training as a fledgling sportscaster, his being hired and eventual triumphs at ESPN—he shared his intimate struggles to keep his story going. Struck by appendiceal cancer in 2007, Stuart battled this rare disease with an unimaginable tenacity and vigor. Countless surgeries, enervating chemotherapies, endless shuttling from home to hospital to office and back—Stuart continued defying fate, pushing himself through exercises and workout routines that kept him strong. He wanted to be there for his teenage daughters, Sydni and Taelor, not simply as their dad, but as an immutable example of determination and courage. Every Day I Fight is a saga of love, an inspiration to us all.From the Hardcover edition.

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Focus On: 100 Most Popular Professional Bodybuilders: Lou Ferrigno, Ronnie Coleman, Dorian Yates, Frank Zane, Sergio Oliva, Larry Scott (bodybuilder), ... Greg Kovacs, Reg Park, Samir Bannout, etc.
Focus On: 100 Most Popular Professional Bodybuilders: Lou Ferrigno, Ronnie Coleman, Dorian Yates, Frank Zane, Sergio Oliva, Larry Scott (bodybuilder), ... Greg Kovacs, Reg Park, Samir Bannout, etc.
This carefully crafted ebook is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents. The Focus On books are made out of collections of Wikipedia articles regrouping the most informative and popular articles about a specific subject. The Focus On books are a result of a substantial editorial work of selecting and grouping relevant articles together in order to create a valuable source of information about specific subjects. This book does not contain tables, illustrations or illustration descriptions. Focus On (an imprint of OK Publishing) charges for the convenience service of formatting these e-books. We donate a part of our net income after taxes to the Wikimedia Foundation from the sales of all e-books based on Wikipedia content. You can access the original Wikipedia articles on the internet free of charge.

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Loaded: A Disarming History of the Second Amendment (City Lights Open Media)
Loaded: A Disarming History of the Second Amendment (City Lights Open Media)
"Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz's Loaded is like a blast of fresh air. She is no fan of guns or of our absurdly permissive laws surrounding them. But she does not merely take the liberal side of the familiar debate."--Adam Hochschild, The New York Review of Books"If . . . anyone at all really wants to 'get to the root causes of gun violence in America,' they will need to start by coming to terms with even a fraction of what Loaded proposes."—Los Angeles Review of Books"Her analysis, erudite and unrelenting, exposes blind spots not just among conservatives, but, crucially, among liberals as well. . . . As a portrait of the deepest structures of American violence, Loaded is an indispensable book."—The New RepublicWith President Trump suggesting that teachers arm themselves, with the NRA portrayed as a group of "patriots" helping to Make America Great Again, with high school students across the country demanding a solution to the crisis, everyone in America needs to engage in the discussion about our future with an informed, historical perspective on the role of guns in our society. America is at a critical turning point. What is the future for our children?Loaded: A Disarming History of the Second Amendment, is a deeply researched—and deeply disturbing—history of guns and gun laws in the United States, from the original colonization of the country to the present. As historian and educator Dunbar-Ortiz explains, in order to understand the current obstacles to gun control, we must understand the history of U.S. guns, from their role in the "settling of America" and the early formation of the new nation, and continuing up to the present.Praise for Loaded:"Dunbar-Ortiz's argument will be disturbing and unfamiliar to most readers, but her evidence is significant and should not be ignored."—Publishers Weekly" . . . gun love is as American as apple pie—and that those guns have often been in the hands of a powerful white majority to subjugate minority natives, slaves, or others who might stand in the way of the broadest definition of Manifest Destiny."—Kirkus Reviews"Trigger warning! This is a superb and subtle book, not an intellectual safe space for confirming your preconceptions—whatever those might be—but rather a deeply necessary provocation."—Christian Parenti, author of Lockdown America: Police and Prisons in the Age of Crisis

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