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Leonel may refer to: Leonel Altobelli (born 1986), Argentine footballer Leonel Álvarez (born 1965), former Colombian football defensive midfielder Leonel

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Leonel may refer to:

  • Leonel Altobelli (born 1986), Argentine footballer
  • Leonel Álvarez (born 1965), former Colombian football defensive midfielder
  • Leonel Bastos or Lionel Bastos, singer, songwriter and music producer
  • Leonel Beaudoin or Léonel Beaudoin (born 1924), former Canadian politician and insurance agent
  • Leonel Brizola (1922–2004), Brazilian politician
  • Leonel Campos, baseball player
  • Leonel Cárcamo (born 1965), retired Salvadoran football player
  • Leonel Conde, retired Uruguayan football goalkeeper
  • Fernando Leonel Cortés (born 1988), Mexican football striker
  • Leonel Cubas (died 2007), football player from El Salvador
  • Leonel da Silva Araujo, also known as Leonel (born 1986), football player
  • Léonel de Moustier (1882–1945), French businessman and politician
  • Leonel Fernández (born 1953), Dominican lawyer, academic, President of the Dominican Republic from 1996 to 2000, and from 2004 to 2012
  • Leonel Galeano (born 1991), Argentine football defender
  • Leonel García of Sin Bandera, a Latin pop duo based in Mexico
  • Leonel Grave de Peralta (born 1976), Cuban activist and dissident
  • Leonel Guevara (born 1983), Salvadoran footballer
  • Álvaro Leonel Ramazzini Imeri (born 1947), bishop of the Catholic Church in Guatemala
  • Leonel Jules, Contemporary Canadian painter from Montreal, Quebec, originally from Haiti
  • Leonel Kaplan (born 1973), Argentine trumpet player
  • Leonel Liberman (born 1972), former footballer
  • Leonel Manzano (born 1984), American cross-country and track and field athlete
  • Leonel Mário d'Alva (born 1935), São Toméan politician
  • Leonel Marshall Steward, Sr. (born 1954), Cuban former volleyball player
  • Leonel Martiniano de Alencar, Baron of Alencar (1832–1921), Brazilian lawyer and diplomat, ambassador of Brazil
  • Leonel Medeiros or Lionel Medeiros (born 1977), retired Portuguese footballer
  • Leonel Mena (born 1982), Chilean Midfielder
  • Leonel Cota Montaño (born 1958), Mexican politician
  • Leonel Moreira (born 1990), Costa Rican football player
  • Leonel Moura (born 1948), conceptual artist
  • Leonel Munder (born 1988), male beach volleyball player from Cuba
  • Leonel Noriega (born 1975), Guatemalan football midfielder
  • Leonel Núñez (born 1984), Argentine football striker
  • Leonel Olmedo (born 1981), Mexican footballer
  • Leonel Paulo (born 1986), Angolan basketball player
  • Leonel Pernía (born 1975), Argentine racing driver
  • Leonel Pilipauskas (born 1975), Uruguayan footballer
  • Leonel Pontes (born 1972), Portuguese football coach
  • Leonel Power (1370–1445), English composer of the late Medieval and early Renaissance eras
  • Leonel Godoy Rangel (born 1950), Mexican lawyer, politician and former Governor of Michoacán
  • Leonel Reyes (born 1976), Bolivian football midfielder
  • Leonel Ríos (born 1983), Argentine football midfielder
  • Leonel Rocco (born 1966), former Uruguayan footballer
  • Leonel Herrera Rojas (born 1978), former Chilean footballer
  • Leonel Romero (born 1987), Peruvian football defender
  • Leonel Saint-Preux (born 1985), Haitian footballer
  • Leonel Sánchez (born 1936), former professional football player
  • Leonel Sharp (1559–1631), English churchman and courtier, royal chaplain, archdeacon of Berkshire
  • Leonel Herrera Silva (born 1971), former Chilean footballer
  • Leonel "Bebito" Smith (1909–2000), Cuban multiple gold medalist swimmer at the 1926 Central American Games in Mexico City
  • Leonel Suárez (born 1987), male decathlete from Cuba
  • Leonel Vangioni (born 1987), Argentine football left-winger
  • António Leonel Vidigal or Toni Vidigal (born 1975), retired Portuguese professional footballer
  • Leonel Vieira (born 1969), Portuguese film director
  • Leonel Vielma (born 1978), Venezuelan football defender
  • Luciano Leonel Cuello (born 1984), Argentine boxer in the Light Middleweight division
  • Marcos Leonel Posadas (born 1938), Mexican politician
  • Marvin Leonel Esch (1927–2010), politician from the U.S. state of Michigan
  • Sergio Leonel "Kún" Agüero del Castillo or Sergio Agüero (born 1988), Argentine footballer
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  • Laionel
  • Leonela
  • Lionel (disambiguation)
  • Lyonel
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