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Milk Duds
Milk Duds are a caramel candy, covered with a confectionery coating made from cocoa and vegetable oil. They are manufactured by The Hershey Company, and

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Milk Duds are a caramel candy, covered with a confectionery coating made from cocoa and vegetable oil. They are manufactured by The Hershey Company, and sold in a yellowish-orange box.

Milk DudsNutritional value per 100 g (3.5 oz)Energy1,823 kJ (436 kcal)Carbohydrates71.8 gSugars51.3 gDietary fibre0 g Fat15.4 gSaturated9 gTrans0 g Protein2.6 g VitaminsQuantity %DV†Vitamin A equiv.0% 0 μgVitamin C0% 0 mg MineralsQuantity %DV†Calcium10% 102.6 mgIron0% 0 mgSodium17% 256.4 mg Amounts converted and rounded to be relative to 100 g serving. Hershey's listed serving size is 39 g or 13 pieces (above amounts are ~2.5641 servings or ~33 pieces).
  • Units
  • μg = micrograms • mg = milligrams
  • IU = International units
†Percentages are roughly approximated using US recommendations for adults.
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According to the manufacturer, the word "Milk" in the name refers to the large amount of milk in the product; the use of "dud" came about because the original aim of having a perfectly spherical piece was found to be impossible. Milk Duds were first created in 1926.[1]


In 1926 Hoffman and Company, Chicago, tried to manufacture a perfectly round, chocolate-covered caramel candy, but when its machines produced confections that were less than round, an employee called them "duds".[citation needed] In 1928 Holloway took over the original manufacturer of Milk Duds chocolate-covered caramels from Hoffman and Co. of Chicago.

In 1960 Holloway sold Hoffman and Co. to Beatrice Foods. Leaf then purchased the Milk Duds business in 1986. In 1992 production of Milk Duds candy was moved to Leaf Candy Company's Robinson, Illinois, plant. Leaf's North American confectionery operation was acquired by Hershey Foods Corporation of Hershey, Pennsylvania in 1996.

Changes to ingredients A vintage Holloway's Milk Duds box

The Hershey Company, in 2008, changed the ingredients of some of its products, in order to replace the relatively expensive cocoa butter with cheaper oil substitutes. This was done to retain a current product price, rather than having to raise prices in the marketplace for products containing cocoa butter.[2]

Hershey's changed the description of the product and altered the packaging slightly along with the ingredients. According to United States Food and Drug Administration food labeling laws, these modified recipes that do not contain cocoa butter can not be legally described as candy coated in milk chocolate and are instead described as "chocolate candy" or as having "chocolate coating."[3]

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