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Ohio House of Representatives
The Ohio House of Representatives is the lower house of the Ohio General Assembly, the state legislature of the U.S. state of Ohio; the other house of

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Ohio House of Representatives 132nd Ohio General Assembly Type Type Lower House Term limits 4 terms (8 years) History New session started January 3, 2017 Leadership Speaker of the House Vacant (R)
Since April 12, 2018 Speaker Pro Tempore Kirk Schuring (R)
Since January 3, 2017 Majority Leader Bill Seitz (R)
Since June 7, 2017 Minority Leader Fred Strahorn (D)
Since January 5, 2015 Structure Seats 99 Political groups


  •   Republican (66)


  •   Democratic (33)
Length of term 2 years Authority Article II, Ohio Constitution Salary $60,584/year Elections Last election November 7, 2016
(99 seats) Next election November 3, 2018
(99 seats) Redistricting Ohio Redistricting Commission Meeting place House of Representatives Chamber
Ohio Statehouse
Columbus, Ohio Website Ohio House of Representatives

The Ohio House of Representatives is the lower house of the Ohio General Assembly, the state legislature of the U.S. state of Ohio; the other house of the bicameral legislature being the Ohio Senate.

The House of Representatives first met in Chillicothe on March 3, 1803, under the later superseded state constitution of that year. In 1816, the capital was moved to Columbus, where it is located today. The 132nd General Assembly convened in January 2017.

Members are limited to four consecutive two-year elected terms (terms are considered consecutive if they are separated by less than two years). Time served by appointment to fill out another representative's uncompleted term does not count against the term limit. There are 99 members in the house, elected from single-member districts. Every even-numbered year, all the seats are up for re-election.

  • 1 Composition
    • 1.1 Leadership
      • 1.1.1 Majority
      • 1.1.2 Minority
    • 1.2 Members of the 132nd House of Representatives
  • 2 Officials
    • 2.1 Speaker of the House
    • 2.2 Clerk of the House
    • 2.3 Sergeant-at-Arms
  • 3 Committees and subcommittees
  • 4 Past composition of the House of Representatives
  • 5 References
  • 6 External links

Composition Affiliation Party (Shading indicates majority caucus) Total Republican Democratic Vacant End of previous legislature 65 34 99 0 Begin 65 33 99 1 Latest voting share 7001656600000000000♠65.66% 7001333300000000000♠33.33% Leadership Majority
  • Speaker of the House: Vacant
  • Speaker pro tempore: Kirk Schuring
  • Majority Floor Leader: Bill Seitz
  • Assistant Majority Floor Leader: Sarah LaTourette
  • Majority Whip: Tom Patton
  • Assistant Majority Whip: Bill Reineke
  • Minority Leader: Fred Strahorn
  • Assistant Minority Leader: Nicholas J. Celebrezze
  • Minority Whip: Emilia Sykes
  • Assistant Minority Whip: Brigid Kelly
Members of the 132nd House of Representatives District Representative Party Caucus Residence First Elected Term Limited 1 Scott Wiggam Rep Rep Wooster 2016 2024 2 Mark Romanchuk Rep Rep Mansfield 2012 2020 3 Theresa Gavarone Rep Rep Bowling Green 2016 (Appt.) 2024 4 Robert Cupp Rep Rep Lima 2014 2022 5 Tim Ginter Rep Rep Salem 2014 2022 6 Marlene Anielski Rep Rep Independence 2010 2018 7 Tom Patton Rep Rep Strongsville 2016 2024 8 Kent Smith Dem Dem Euclid 2014 2022 9 Janine Boyd Dem Dem Cleveland Heights 2014 2022 10 Bill Patmon Dem Dem Cleveland 2010 2018 11 Stephanie Howse Dem Dem Cleveland 2014 2022 12 John E. Barnes, Jr. Dem Dem Cleveland 2010 2018 13 Nickie Antonio Dem Dem Lakewood 2010 2018 14 Martin J. Sweeney Dem Dem Cleveland 2014 2022 15 Nicholas J. Celebrezze Dem Dem Parma 2012 (Appt.) 2020 16 David Greenspan Rep Rep Westlake 2016 2024 17 Adam Miller Dem Dem Columbus 2016 2024 18 Kristin Boggs Dem Dem Italian Village 2016 (Appt.) 2024 19 Anne Gonzales Rep Rep Westerville 2010 2018 20 Richard Brown Dem Dem Canal Winchester 2017 (Appt.) 2026 21 Mike Duffey Rep Rep Worthington 2010 2018 22 David J. Leland Dem Dem Columbus 2014 2022 23 Laura Lanese Rep Rep Grove City 2016 2024 24 Jim Hughes Rep Rep Columbus 2016 2024 25 Bernadine Kent Dem Dem Columbus 2016 2024 26 Hearcel Craig Dem Dem Columbus 2014 2022 27 Tom Brinkman Rep Rep Cincinnati 2014 2022 28 Jonathan Dever Rep Rep Madeira 2014 2022 29 Louis Blessing Rep Rep Cincinnati 2012 2020 30 Bill Seitz Rep Rep Cincinnati 2016 2024 31 Brigid Kelly Dem Dem Cincinnati 2016 2024 32 Catherine Ingram Dem Dem Cincinnati 2016 2024 33 Alicia Reece Dem Dem Cincinnati 2010 (Appt.) 2018 34 Emilia Sykes Dem Dem Akron 2014 2022 35 Tavia Galonski Dem Dem Akron 2017 (Appt.) 2026 36 Anthony DeVitis Rep Rep Uniontown 2011 (Appt.) 2020 37 Kristina Roegner Rep Rep Hudson 2010 2018 38 Marilyn Slaby Rep Rep Akron 2012 (Appt.) 2020 39 Fred Strahorn Dem Dem Dayton 2012 2020 40 Michael Henne Rep Rep Clayton 2010 2018 41 Jim Butler Rep Rep Oakwood 2011 (Appt.) 2020 42 Niraj Antani Rep Rep Miamisburg 2014 (Appt.) 2022 43 Jeff Rezabek Rep Rep Clayton 2014 2022 44 Michael Ashford Dem Dem Toledo 2010 2018 45 Teresa Fedor Dem Dem Toledo 2010 2018 46 Michael Sheehy Dem Dem Toledo 2013 (Appt.) 2022 47 Derek Merrin Rep Rep Monclova Township 2016 (Appt.) 2024 48 Kirk Schuring Rep Rep Canton 2010 2018 49 Tom West Dem Dem Canton 2016 2024 50 Christina Hagan Rep Rep Alliance 2011 (Appt.) 2020 51 Wes Retherford Rep Rep Hamilton 2012 2020 52 George Lang Rep Rep West Chester 2017 (Appt.) 2026 53 Candice Keller Rep Rep Middletown 2016 (Appt.) 2024 54 Paul Zeltwanger Rep Rep Mason 2014 2022 55 Nathan Manning Rep Rep North Ridgeville 2014 2022 56 Dan Ramos Dem Dem Lorain 2010 2018 57 Dick Stein Rep Rep Norwalk 2016 2024 58 Michele Lepore-Hagan Dem Dem Youngstown 2014 2022 59 John Boccieri Dem Dem Poland 2015 (Appt.) 2024 60 John Rogers Dem Dem Mentor-on-the-Lake 2012 2020 61 Ron Young Rep Rep LeRoy Township 2010 2018 62 Scott Lipps Rep Rep Franklin 2016 2024 63 Glenn Holmes Dem Dem McDonald 2016 2024 64 Michael O'Brien Dem Dem Warren 2014 2022 65 John Becker Rep Rep Union Township 2012 2020 66 Doug Green Rep Rep Mt. Orab 2012 2020 67 Andrew Brenner Rep Rep Powell 2010 2018 68 Rick Carfagna Rep Rep Westerville 2016 2024 69 Steve Hambley Rep Rep Brunswick 2014 2022 70 Darrell Kick Rep Rep Loudonville 2016 2024 71 Scott Ryan Rep Rep Newark 2014 2022 72 Larry Householder Rep Rep Glenford 2016 2024 73 Rick Perales Rep Rep Beavercreek 2012 2020 74 Bill Dean Rep Rep Xenia 2016 (Appt.) 2024 75 Kathleen Clyde Dem Dem Kent 2010 2018 76 Sarah LaTourette Rep Rep Bainbridge Township 2014 2022 77 Tim Schaffer Rep Rep Lancaster 2014 2022 78 Ron Hood Rep Rep Ashville 2012 2020 79 Kyle Koehler Rep Rep Springfield 2014 2022 80 Steve Huffman Rep Rep Tipp City 2014 2022 81 Jim Hoops Rep Rep Napoleon 2018 (Appt.) 2026 82 Craig Riedel Rep Rep Defiance 2016 2024 83 Robert Sprague Rep Rep Findlay 2011 (Appt.) 2020 84 Keith Faber Rep Rep Celina 2016 2024 85 Nino Vitale Rep Rep Urbana 2014 2022 86 Dorothy Liggett Pelanda Rep Rep Marysville 2011 (Appt.) 2020 87 Riordan McClain Rep Rep Upper Sandusky 2018 (Appt.) 2026 88 Bill Reineke Rep Rep Tiffin 2014 2022 89 Steve Arndt Rep Rep Port Clinton 2015 (Appt.) 2024 90 Terry Johnson Rep Rep McDermott 2010 2018 91 Vacant Rep Rep 2018 2026 92 Gary Scherer Rep Rep Circleville 2012 (Appt.) 2020 93 Ryan Smith Rep Rep Gallipolis 2012 (Appt.) 2020 94 Jay Edwards Rep Rep Nelsonville 2016 2024 95 Andy Thompson Rep Rep Marietta 2010 2018 96 Jack Cera Dem Dem Bellaire 2011 (Appt.) 2020 97 Brian Hill Rep Rep Zanesville 2011 (Appt.) 2020 98 Al Landis Rep Rep Dover 2010 2018 99 John Patterson Dem Dem Jefferson 2012 2020

Appt.- Member was appointed to current House Seat

Officials Speaker of the House

The Speaker of the House of Representatives is the presiding officer of the House. The interim Speaker is Kirk Schuring, a Republican from North Canton, Ohio. He became acting speaker upon the resignation of Cliff Rosenberger on April 12, 2018. The duties of the Speaker include preserving order and decorum at all times, recognizing visitors in the galleries, controlling and providing security for the Hall, appointing members to perform the duties of the Speaker for a temporary period of time, naming committees and subcommittees and appointing their chairs and members, overseeing the performance of House employees, and signing bills, acts, resolutions, and more.

Clerk of the House

The Clerk of the House of Representatives is in charge of and regulates the distribution of records of the House. The Clerk is the custodian of legislative documents within the House. The duties of the Clerk include examining bills or resolutions before introduction, numbering bills and resolutions for filing, providing bills and documents pertaining to the bill to the chair of the corresponding committee, publishing calendars to notify the public about bills and resolutions, keeping a journal of House proceedings, superintending the presentation of bills and resolutions, and attesting writs and subpoenas issued by the House of Representatives.


The Sergeant-at-arms of the House of Representatives is tasked with maintaining security and order in the House. The Sergeant-at-arms may be ordered by the Speaker to clear the aisles if this is deemed necessary by the Speaker. Other duties of the Sergeant-at-arms include controlling admission to the building, serving subpoenas and warrants issued by the House, and bringing any members found to be absent without leave to the House.

Committees and subcommittees

The Speaker of the House is in charge of naming all committees and subcommittees. The current committees and subcommittees are:

  • Aging and Long Term Care
  • Agriculture and Rural Development
  • Armed Services, Veterans Affairs, and Homeland Security
  • Civil Justice
  • Economic Development, Commerce, and Labor
  • Criminal Justice
  • Education and Career Readiness
  • Energy and Natural Resources
  • Federalism and Interstate Relations
  • Financial Institutions, Housing, and Urban Development
  • Finance
    • Finance Subcommittee on Agriculture Development and Natural Resources
    • Finance Subcommittee on Health and Human Services
    • Finance Subcommittee on Higher Education
    • Finance Subcommittee on Primary and Secondary Education
    • Finance Subcommittee on State Government and Agency Review
    • Finance Subcommittee on Transportation
  • Government Accountability and Oversight
  • Health
  • Higher Education and Workforce Development
  • Insurance
  • Public Utilities
  • Rules and References
  • State and Local Government
  • Transportation and Public Safety
  • Ways and Means
Past composition of the House of Representatives Main article: Political party strength in Ohio References
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  3. ^ "Standing Committees". The Ohio House of Representatives. Retrieved 19 February 2017. 
External links
  • Official website
  • Project Vote Smart – State House of Ohio
  • Map of Ohio House Districts
    • Ohio District Maps 2002–2012
  • Election results from Ohio Secretary of State
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Members of the Ohio House of Representatives
  • 132nd General Assembly (2017-2018)
  • Speaker of the House: Kirk Schuring (acting) (R)
  • Speaker pro Tempore: Kirk Schuring (R)
  • Majority Leader: Dorothy Liggett Pelanda (R)
  • Minority Leader: Fred Strahorn (D)
  1.    Scott Wiggam (R)
  2.    Mark Romanchuk (R)
  3.    Theresa Gavarone (R)
  4.    Robert Cupp (R)
  5.    Tim Ginter (R)
  6.    Marlene Anielski (R)
  7.    Tom Patton (R)
  8.    Kent Smith (D)
  9.    Janine Boyd (D)
  10.    Bill Patmon (D)
  11.    Stephanie Howse (D)
  12.    John E. Barnes Jr. (D)
  13.    Nickie Antonio (D)
  14.    Martin J. Sweeney (D)
  15.    Nicholas J. Celebrezze (D)
  16.    David Greenspan (R)
  17.    Adam Miller (D)
  18.    Kristin Boggs (D)
  19.    Anne Gonzales (R)
  20.    Richard Brown (D)
  21.    Mike Duffey (R)
  22.    David J. Leland (D)
  23.    Laura Lanese (R)
  24.    Jim Hughes (R)
  25.    Bernadine Kent (D)
  26.    Hearcel Craig (D)
  27.    Tom Brinkman (R)
  28.    Jonathan Dever (R)
  29.    Louis Blessing (R)
  30.    Bill Seitz (R)
  31.    Brigid Kelly (D)
  32.    Catherine Ingram (D)
  33.    Alicia Reece (D)
  34.    Emilia Sykes (D)
  35.    Tavia Galonski (D)
  36.    Anthony DeVitis (R)
  37.    Kristina Roegner (R)
  38.    Marilyn Slaby (R)
  39.    Fred Strahorn (D)
  40.    Michael Henne (R)
  41.    Jim Butler (R)
  42.    Niraj Antani (R)
  43.    Jeff Rezabek (R)
  44.    Michael Ashford (D)
  45.    Teresa Fedor (D)
  46.    Michael Sheehy (D)
  47.    Derek Merrin (R)
  48.    Kirk Schuring (R)
  49.    Tom West (D)
  50.    Christina Hagan (R)
  51.    Wes Retherford (R)
  52.    George Lang (R)
  53.    Candice Keller (R)
  54.    Paul Zeltwanger (R)
  55.    Nathan Manning (R)
  56.    Dan Ramos (D)
  57.    Dick Stein (R)
  58.    Michele Lepore-Hagan (D)
  59.    John Boccieri (D)
  60.    John Rogers (D)
  61.    Ron Young (R)
  62.    Scott Lipps (R)
  63.    Glenn Holmes (D)
  64.    Michael O'Brien (D)
  65.    John Becker (R)
  66.    Doug Green (R)
  67.    Andrew Brenner (R)
  68.    Rick Carfagna (R)
  69.    Steve Hambley (R)
  70.    Darrell Kick (R)
  71.    Scott Ryan (R)
  72.    Larry Householder (R)
  73.    Rick Perales (R)
  74.    Bill Dean (R)
  75.    Kathleen Clyde (D)
  76.    Sarah LaTourette (R)
  77.    Tim Schaffer (R)
  78.    Ron Hood (R)
  79.    Kyle Koehler (R)
  80.    Steve Huffman (R)
  81.    Vacant
  82.    Craig Riedel (R)
  83.    Robert Sprague (R)
  84.    Keith Faber (R)
  85.    Nino Vitale (R)
  86.    Dorothy Pelanda (R)
  87.    Vacant
  88.    Bill Reineke (R)
  89.    Steve Arndt (R)
  90.    Terry Johnson (R)
  91.    vacant
  92.    Gary Scherer (R)
  93.    Ryan Smith (R)
  94.    Jay Edwards (R)
  95.    Andy Thompson (R)
  96.    Jack Cera (D)
  97.    Brian Hill (R)
  98.    Al Landis (R)
  99.    John Patterson (D)
  •    Republican (66)
  •    Democratic (33)
  • Ohio House of Representatives
  • Ohio Senate
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  • LCCN: n88277456
  • VIAF: 145531922

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