The Giants
The Giants
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Giant (disambiguation)
Giant or Giants may refer to: Giant, including various religions Giants (Greek mythology) Giants (esotericism) Giants (Norse mythology) Giants (Welsh folklore)

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Giant or Giants may refer to:

  • 1 In mythology and religion
  • 2 In arts and entertainment
    • 2.1 In literature and publications
    • 2.2 Films
    • 2.3 Video games
    • 2.4 Fictional characters
    • 2.5 In music
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      • 2.5.2 Works
      • 2.5.3 Albums
      • 2.5.4 Songs
    • 2.6 In television
  • 3 In sports
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      • 3.1.1 North America
        • Negro League baseball
      • 3.1.2 Asia
      • 3.1.3 Australia
      • 3.1.4 Europe
    • 3.2 Other sports
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In mythology and religion
  • Giant, including various religions
    • Giants (Greek mythology)
    • Giants (esotericism)
    • Giants (Norse mythology)
    • Giants (Welsh folklore)
    • Nephilim, a Hebrew term loosely translated as giants in some Bibles
    • Rephaite, a term that may refer to a people group of greater-than-average height and stature (possibly giants) in the Hebrew bible
In arts and entertainment In literature and publications
  • Giant, a 1952 novel by Edna Ferber
  • The Giants series, a science fiction series by James P. Hogan
  • Giant (magazine), an American urban music magazine
  • "giANTS", a 1979 short story by Edward Bryant
  • The Giant (1938 film), a black-and-white Japanese film
  • Giant (1956 film), a film adaptation of Ferber's novel
  • Giant (2009 film), an Uruguayan film
  • The Giants (2011 film), a 2011 Belgium film
  • The Giant (2016 film), 2016 Swedish film
  • Giant (2017 film), a 2017 Basque-language Spanish film
Video games
  • Giants: Citizen Kabuto, a 2000 third-person shooter game
  • Skylanders: Giants, a 2012 beat-em-up game
Fictional characters
  • Giant (Dungeons & Dragons), a type of fictional character in games
  • Giants (Marvel Comics), a fictional race of people based on the giants of Norse mythology
  • The Giant (Twin Peaks), an inhabitant of The Black Lodge in the 1990s television series
  • Judge Giant, two fictional characters in the Judge Dredd comic strip
  • Lily Duncan, also known as "Princess Giant", from the television series Mona the Vampire
In music Bands
  • Giant (band), an American melodic hard rock band
  • Giants (band), an American post-rock band
  • Giant (musical), a 2009 musical adaptation of Ferber's novel
  • The Giant (opera), a 1950 opera by the child Sergei Prokofiev
  • Giant (Herman Düne album)
  • Giant (The Woodentops album)
  • Giants (Chicane album)
  • Giants (Dizzy Gillespie album)
  • Giants (The Stranglers album)
  • Giants (Andreya Triana album)
  • The Giant (Ahab album), 2012
  • The Giant (Dizzy Gillespie album), 1973
  • The Giants (album), a 1974 album featuring Oscar Peterson, Joe Pass, and Ray Brown
  • "Giant" (song), by Stan Rogers
  • "Giant", by the Matthew Good Band from the album Beautiful Midnight
  • "Giant", by The The from the album Soul Mining
  • "Giant", by Vampire Weekend from certain editions of the album Contra
  • "Giant", by Gentle Giant from their self-titled album.
  • "Giants", a song by Scale the Summit from the album Carving Desert Canyons
  • "Giants", a song by Sponge from Rotting Piñata
  • "Giants", a song by the Stranglers
  • "Giants", a song by Jimmy Cliff
  • "Giants", a song by Josh Osho and Childish Gambino
  • "Giants", a song by Donald Lawrence
  • "Giants", a song by Now, Now
  • "Giants", a song by The Planet Smashers
  • "Giants" (Bear Hands song)
  • "Giants", a song by Lights
In television
  • Giant (TV series), a 2010 historical drama series from SBS
  • The Giants (1978 TV series), a 1978 TVB television series
  • The Giants, an unproduced 1960s Doctor Who television serial
  • "Giants", an episode of the television series Zoboomafoo
  • "The Giant", an episode of the cartoon The Mighty Hercules
In sports Teams North America
  • Jacksonville Giants, a minor league basketball team
  • New York Giants (disambiguation), in various sports and eras
    • New York Giants, a National Football League team
  • San Francisco Giants, a Major League Baseball team
    • Arizona League Giants, their AZL minor league affiliate
    • San Jose Giants, their High-A minor league affiliate
  • Vancouver Giants, a Western Hockey League team
Negro League baseball
  • Bacharach Giants
  • Chicago Giants
  • Cleveland Giants
  • Cuban Giants
  • Harrisburg Giants
  • Illinois Giants
  • Leland Giants
  • Lincoln Giants
  • Page Fence Giants
  • Philadelphia Giants
  • St. Louis Giants
  • Lotte Giants, a South Korean baseball team
  • Delhi Giants, a team in the unsanctioned Indian Cricket League
  • Yomiuri Giants, a Japanese baseball team
  • Gold Coast-Tweed Giants, a rugby league team
  • Goldfields Giants, a State Basketball League team
  • Greater Western Sydney Giants, an Australian Football League team nicknamed the "Giants"
  • Antwerp Giants, a Belgian basketball club
  • Bayer Giants Leverkusen, a German basketball club
  • Belfast Giants, an Irish EIHL ice hockey team
  • Dortmund Giants, an American football club from Dortmund, Germany
  • Giants Bolzano, an American football club from Italy competing in the Italian Football League
  • Giants Nördlingen, a German basketball club
  • Huddersfield Giants, an English rugby league team competing in Super League
  • Manchester Giants, a British Basketball League team
Other sports
  • Giant (gymnastics), an artistic gymnastics skill
  • Giants Gaming, a Spanish/European eSports team
In astronomy
  • Giant star in astronomy
  • Gas giant, a type of planet
  • Grenoble Innovation for Advanced New Technologies, an innovation campus in Polygone Scientifique in Grenoble, France
  • Giant Bicycles, bicycle maker
  • GIANT Company Software, internet security developer
  • Giant Food (disambiguation)
  • Giant Hypermarket, a retail chain in southern and eastern Asia
  • Giant Records (disambiguation)
  • Giant Forest, Sequoia National Park, California
  • Giant Geyser, Yellowstone National Park
  • Giant Mountain, New York
  • Giant, Richmond, California, former unincorporated community
  • Giant Springs, near Great Falls, Montana
  • André the Giant, (1946–1993) former French wrestler and actor
  • Shohei Baba (1938–1999), former Japanese professional wrestler, nicknamed "Giant"
  • Giant Haystacks, (1947–1998) former English professional wrestler
  • Jorge González (wrestler) (1966–2010), former Argentine professional wrestler, nicknamed "Giant"
  • Paul "Big Show" Wight, (born 1972), an American wrestler with the previous ring name "The Giant"
  • Paulo César da Silva (born 1963), Brazilian former basketball player, mixed martial arts fighter, and wrestler, nicknamed "Giant"
  • Paulo da Silva (born 1980), Paraguayan football player, nicknamed "Giant"
Other uses
  • GIANT AntiSpyware, a software application
  • Giant Center, an arena in Hershey, Pennsylvania
  • Giant Mine, a gold mine in the Northwest Territories, Canada
See also
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  • Blue giant (disambiguation)
  • Colossal (disambiguation)
  • Geant (disambiguation)
  • Giant lock (sometimes written GIANT lock), a form of kernel lock used in some computer systems
  • Giant Steps (disambiguation)
  • Giant squid (disambiguation)
  • Giganta, a female villainous character
  • Gigant (disambiguation)
  • Gigantic (disambiguation)
  • Gigantism, a condition characterized by excessive growth and height
  • Green Giant, a vegetable company whose fictional mascot is the Jolly Green Giant
  • Ice giant (disambiguation)
  • Little Giant (disambiguation)
  • My Giant, a 1998 comedy sport movie
  • Project Riese (German for "giant"), code name for a construction project of Nazi Germany (1943–45)
  • The Giant Plane, one of the largest London plane trees in the world
  • The Iron Giant, a 1999 American animated science fiction film
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