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Scientists discover the 'most massive neutron star ever detected'
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Scientists discover the 'most massive neutron star ever detected'
Astronomers have discovered the 'most massive neutron star ever measured,' amassing to more than two times the mass of our sun, that they dub 'almost too massive to exist,' according to a statement from researchers at the Green Bank Observatory. 'A neutron star is what remains when a very massive star goes supernova and dies, it is an extremely dense dead stellar core,' Thankful Cromartie, 27, a graduate student at the University of Virginia and Grote Reber pre-doctoral fellow at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, as well as lead author on the study published Monday in Nature Astronomy, explained to ABC News. Cromartie and her colleagues at the NANOGrav Physics Frontiers Centered measured the neutron star, dubbed J0740+6620, as 2.17 times the mass of our sun but packed into a sphere only 30 kilometers (approximately 18 miles) wide.
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