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Union may refer to: Labor union Students' union Trade union List of economic unions List of trade unions Union (Portuguese: União), the federal government

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Union may refer to:

  • 1 Organizations
  • 2 History and politics
  • 3 Places
    • 3.1 Canada
    • 3.2 Paraguay
    • 3.3 Philippines
    • 3.4 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
    • 3.5 United States
  • 4 People
  • 5 Arts, entertainment, and media
    • 5.1 Fictional entities
    • 5.2 Music
      • 5.2.1 Albums
      • 5.2.2 Other music
    • 5.3 Other arts, entertainment, and media
  • 6 Education
  • 7 Mathematics and computer science
  • 8 Ships
  • 9 Sports
  • 10 Other uses
  • 11 See also
  • Labor union
  • Students' union
  • Trade union
  • List of economic unions
  • List of trade unions
History and politics
  • Union (Portuguese: União), the federal government of Brazil
  • Political union, a state created by merging two or more states
  • The Union, a term sometimes used to refer to the CDU/CSU political alliance in Germany
  • The Union, a term used to refer to the European Union
  • The Union, a term sometimes used to refer to the United Kingdom
  • The Union, a term sometimes used to refer to the United States
    • Union (American Civil War), the United States government and the 25 states that remained loyal to it during the American Civil War (1861–1865)
  • Union Councils of Bangladesh, local government units
  • Union of India (or simply the Union), a term used by the Indian judicial system to refer to the central government of India
  • Union Party (Ukraine), a political party in Ukraine
  • Union State, the entity combining the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus
Places Canada
  • Union (TTC), a subway station in Toronto
  • Union, Elgin County, Ontario
  • Union, Leeds and Grenville County, Ontario
  • Union, Nova Scotia
  • Union Station (Toronto), a railway station
  • Unión, Paraguay
  • Union, Bohol
  • Union, Surigao del Norte
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Union Island
United States
  • Union, Alabama
  • Union, Merced County, California
  • Union, Napa County, California
  • Union, Connecticut
  • Union, Illinois
  • Union, Indiana
  • Union, Iowa
  • Union, Kentucky
  • Union Parish, Louisiana
  • Union, Maine
  • Union, Mississippi
  • Union, Missouri, in Franklin County
  • Union, Clark County, Missouri
  • Union, Nebraska
  • Union, New Hampshire
  • Union (hamlet), New York
  • Union, New York
  • Union, Ohio
  • Union, Oregon
  • Union, South Carolina
  • Union, Virginia
  • Union, West Virginia
  • Union, Wisconsin (disambiguation)
  • Arcata, California (Union, Humboldt County, California)
  • Mount Union (Arizona)
  • Union County (disambiguation)
  • Union Township (disambiguation)
  • Gabrielle Union, an American actress
Arts, entertainment, and media Fictional entities
  • Union (comics), a Wildstorm character
  • Union, one of two major space powers in the Alliance–Union universe of science fiction writer C. J. Cherryh
Music Albums
  • Union (Chara album)
  • Union (Toni Childs album)
  • Union (Cuff the Duke album)
  • Union (Paradoxical Frog album)
  • Union (Puya album)
  • Union (Rasa album), album by Rasa
  • Union (The Boxer Rebellion album)
  • Union (Union album)
  • Union (Yes album)
Other music
  • Union (band)
  • "Union" (Black Eyed Peas song)
Other arts, entertainment, and media
  • Union (Star Wars), a Dark Horse Comics miniseries
  • Union College (disambiguation)
  • Union Institute & University, a college specializing in distance learning
  • Union Presbyterian Seminary, in Virginia
  • Union Public Schools, a school district in Oklahoma
  • Union School of Theology, in Bridgend, United Kingdom
  • Union Theological College, in Northern Ireland
  • Union Theological Seminary (New York City)
  • Union University (New York), a federation of New York state institutions
  • Union University (Serbia)
  • Union University, a Baptist college in Tennessee
Mathematics and computer science
  • Union (set theory), in mathematics, a fundamental operation and relation of sets
  • Union (SQL), an operator in the programming language SQL
  • Union type, in computer science, a type of data structure
  • BAP Unión (BEV-161), Peruvian Navy ship
  • HMS Union, several British Royal Navy ships
  • List of ships named Union
  • USS Union, several United States Navy ships
  • 1. FC Union Berlin, a German association football club
  • Philadelphia Union, a soccer team
  • SC Union 06 Berlin, a German association football club
  • Union Race Course, a former San Francisco horse racing course
Other uses
  • Union (plumbing), a pipe fitting
  • Union, the entering of multiple people into a committed arrangement, either formally, e.g., marriage, or informally
  • Half-union, a coin
See also
  • Alliance (disambiguation)
  • La Unión (disambiguation)
  • Mount Union (disambiguation)
  • Soyuz (disambiguation)
  • The Union (disambiguation)
  • Union City (disambiguation)
  • Union Railroad (disambiguation)
  • Union Springs (disambiguation)
  • Union Station (disambiguation)
  • Uniondale (disambiguation)
  • Unionism (disambiguation)
  • Uniontown (disambiguation)
  • Unionville (disambiguation)
  • West Union (disambiguation)
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