Az Auditor General Report
Az Auditor General Report

State auditor
other purposes such as Colorado's reports on health exchanges and on marijuana legalization. California's state auditor is involved with the redistricting

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State auditors (also state comptrollers or state controllers) are executive officers of U.S. states who serve as auditors and comptrollers for state funds.

The office of state auditor is often a constitutional office (that is, it is created by the state constitution). The state auditor often heads a state agency. In 24 states the auditor is an elected office, while in others auditors are appointed by the state governor or state legislature. Some states require a gubernatorial appointment to be confirmed by the state senate. Colorado's auditor is appointed by the legislature and Tennessee's Comptroller of the Treasury is elected by the state's General Assembly sitting in a joint convention.[1]

Fiscal matters are the primary business of these officers but their audit skills are frequently put into practice for other purposes such as Colorado's reports on health exchanges and on marijuana legalization. California's state auditor is involved with the redistricting process. Despite their generally positive, relatively high-profile position, auditors seldom seek higher political office. They are organized nationally in the United States as part of the National Association of State Auditors, Comptrollers and Treasurers.[1]

Contents Current state auditors Officeholder State Party Assumed office Title Office type Website Jim Zeigler Alabama Republican January 19, 2015 Auditor Elected Kris Curtis Alaska January 2012 Auditor Appointed Liua Fatuesi American Samoa January 5, 2013 Auditor Appointed Lindsey Perry Arizona April 18, 2018 Auditor General Appointed Andrea Lea Arkansas Republican January 13, 2019 Auditor Elected Betty Yee California Democratic January 5, 2015 Controller Elected Dianne Ray Colorado July 1, 2011 Auditor Appointed Kevin Lembo Connecticut Democratic January 5, 2011 Comptroller Elected Kathy McGuiness Delaware Democratic January 1, 2019 Auditor of Accounts Elected Kathy Patterson District of Columbia Democratic January 2, 2015 Auditor Appointed Sherrill Norman Florida Republican July 1, 2015 Auditor General Appointed Greg Griffin Georgia July 1, 2012 Auditor Appointed Benjamin Cruz Guam Democratic September 13, 2018 Public Auditor Elected Les Kondo Hawaii May 1, 2016 Auditor Appointed Brandon Woolf Idaho Republican October 15, 2012 Controller Elected Susana Mendoza Illinois Democratic December 5, 2016 Comptroller Elected Tera Klutz Indiana Republican January 9, 2017 Auditor Elected Rob Sand Iowa Democratic January 2, 2019 Auditor Elected Justin Stowe Kansas March 2018 Auditor Appointed Mike Harmon Kentucky Republican January 4, 2016 Auditor of Public Accounts Elected Daryl Purpera Louisiana April 19, 2010 Auditor Appointed Pola Buckley Maine Democratic January 7, 2013 Auditor Appointed Peter Franchot Maryland Democratic January 22, 2007 Comptroller Elected Suzanne Bump Massachusetts Democratic January 19, 2011 Auditor Elected Doug Ringler Michigan June 9, 2014 Auditor General Appointed Julie Blaha Minnesota Democratic January 7, 2019 Auditor Elected Shad White Mississippi Republican July 16, 2018 Auditor Elected Nicole Galloway Missouri Democratic April 27, 2015 Auditor Elected Matt Rosendale Montana Republican January 2, 2017 Auditor Elected Charlie Janssen Nebraska Republican January 8, 2015 Auditor of Public Accounts Elected Catherine Byrne Nevada Democratic January 7, 2019 Controller Elected Michael Kane New Hampshire September 2015 Legislative Budget Assistant Appointed Stephen Eells New Jersey February 11, 2010 Auditor Appointed Brian Colón New Mexico Democratic January 1, 2019 Auditor Elected Tom DiNapoli New York Democratic February 7, 2007 Comptroller Elected Beth Wood North Carolina Democratic January 10, 2009 Auditor Elected Josh Gallion North Dakota Republican January 1, 2017 Auditor Elected Michael Pai Northern Mariana Islands July 23, 2008 Public Auditor Appointed Keith Faber Ohio Republican January 12, 2019 Auditor Elected Cindy Byrd Oklahoma Republican January 14, 2019 Auditor and Inspector Elected Kip Memmott Oregon April 17, 2017 Director of Audits Appointed Eugene DePasquale Pennsylvania Democratic January 15, 2013 Auditor General Elected Yesmín Valdivieso Puerto Rico May 12, 2010 Comptroller Appointed Dennis Hoyle Rhode Island 2010 Auditor General Appointed Richard Eckstrom South Carolina Republican January 15, 2003 Comptroller General Elected Rich Sattgast South Dakota Republican January 5, 2019 Auditor Elected Justin Wilson Tennessee Republican January 15, 2009 Comptroller of the Treasury Appointed Glenn Hegar Texas Republican January 20, 2015 Comptroller of Public Accounts Elected John Dougall Utah Republican January 7, 2013 Auditor Elected Doug Hoffer Vermont Democratic January 10, 2013 Auditor of Accounts Elected Steven van Beverhoudt U.S. Virgin Islands March 1989 Inspector General Appointed Martha Mavredes Virginia January 1, 2013 Auditor of Public Accounts Appointed Pat McCarthy Washington Democratic January 11, 2017 Auditor Elected JB McCuskey West Virginia Republican January 16, 2017 Auditor Elected Joe Chrisman Wisconsin June 17, 2011 Auditor Appointed Kristi Racines Wyoming Republican January 7, 2019 Auditor Elected References
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See also External links State Auditors in the United StatesComptroller General of the United States: Gene Dodaro AL Jim Zeigler (R) AK Kris Curtis AZ Lindsey Perry AR Andrea Lea (R) CA Betty Yee (D) CO Dianne Ray CT Kevin Lembo (D) DE Kathy McGuiness (D) FL Sherrill Norman GA Greg Griffin HI Les Kondo ID Brandon Woolf (R) IL Susana Mendoza (D) IN Tera Klutz (R) IA Rob Sand (D) KS Justin Stowe KY Mike Harmon (R) LA Daryl Purpera ME Pola Buckley MD Peter Franchot (D) MA Suzanne Bump (D) MI Doug Ringler MN Julie Blaha (D) MS Shad White (R) MO Nicole Galloway (D) MT Matt Rosendale (R) NE Charlie Janssen (R) NV Catherine Byrne (D) NH Michael Kane NJ Stephen Eells NM Brian Colón (D) NY Tom DiNapoli (D) NC Beth Wood (D) ND Josh Gallion (R) OH Keith Faber (R) OK Cindy Byrd (R) OR Kip Memmott PA Eugene DePasquale (D) RI Dennis Hoyle SC Richard Eckstrom (R) SD Rich Sattgast (R) TN Justin Wilson TX Glenn Hegar (R) UT John Dougall (R) VT Doug Hoffer (D) VA Martha Mavredes WA Pat McCarthy (D) WV JB McCuskey (R) WI Joe Chrisman WY Kristi Racines (R) DC Kathy PattersonTerritories: AS Liua Fatuesi GU Benjamin Cruz (D) MP Michael Pai PR Yesmín Valdivieso VI Steven van Beverhoudt Political party affiliations: *Acting Auditor U.S. state cabinetsBy state Territories and insular areas By officer

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Az Auditor General Report

Az Auditor General Report

Az Auditor General Report

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