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Detroit Youth Choir

America's Got Talent (season 14)
Tyler Butler-Figueroa. Terry Crews was fourth to press it, for the Detroit Youth Choir. Julianne Hough was the fifth to press it, for 12-year old singer

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14th season of America's Got Talent

America's Got TalentPromotional poster for the seasonSeason 15Broadcast fromMay 28, 2019 (2019-05-28) –
present (present)Judges Host(s)Terry CrewsBroadcasterNBCNo. of episodes99Chronology

Season fourteen of the reality competition series America's Got Talent premiered on May 28, 2019.[1] Terry Crews, who also hosted America's Got Talent: The Champions, took over as permanent host for season 14. Howie Mandel began his tenth season as a judge, while Simon Cowell returned for his fourth season. Gabrielle Union and Julianne Hough joined the judging panel, replacing Mel B and Heidi Klum.[2]

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On February 11, 2019, NBC announced a change to the program's host and its judging panel following the conclusion of the thirteenth season. Tyra Banks decided to leave, moving on to other projects. She was replaced by Terry Crews, who previously hosted spin-off series America's Got Talent: The Champions;[3] both Mel B and Heidi Klum decided to leave America's Got Talent due to the former headlining a Spice Girls reunion and the latter producing a new fashion competition series to Amazon. Actress Gabrielle Union and dancer Julianne Hough replaced them, joining returning judges Simon Cowell and Howie Mandel.[4]

Preliminary auditions

The season had preliminary open call auditions in New York City, Detroit, Knoxville, Tampa, Charlotte, San Antonio, and Los Angeles.

Auditions in front of the judges were taped at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium from March 3–21.

Golden Buzzer

The golden buzzer returned for its sixth consecutive season. Any act that receives the golden buzzer during the judges' auditions will be sent directly to the live shows and will not compete in the Judge Cuts round.

Gabrielle Union became the first judge to hit the buzzer, for 22-year-old singer and pianist Kodi Lee.[5] Howie Mandel was second to press it, for 21-year-old singer and rapper Joseph Allen.[6] Simon Cowell was the third person to press it, for 11-year old violinist Tyler Butler-Figueroa.[7] Terry Crews was fourth to press it, for the Detroit Youth Choir.[8] Julianne Hough was the fifth to press it, for 12-year old singer Luke Islam.[9] Dancer Ben Trigger hit the golden buzzer for himself in the season’s fifth episode, but it did not count and he appeared in Judge Cuts.

Judge Cuts

The Judge Cuts rounds began airing on July 16, 2019. As in previous seasons, one guest judge joined the panel each show and was given one golden buzzer opportunity to send an act straight to the live shows. Guest judges were not given a red buzzer to use. Any act that received four red buzzers would be immediately leaving the competition. The guest judges were country music singer Brad Paisley, former basketball superstar and husband of Gabrielle Union Dwyane Wade, The Office and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt actress Ellie Kemper, as well as former The Tonight Show host and Jay Leno's Garage star Jay Leno.[10] The final Judge Cuts episode aired on August 6, 2019. This is the second Judge Cuts in a row to have no acts get four red buzzers.

After the Judge Cuts, three wildcards were chosen from eliminated acts to perform in the live shows: Ansley Burns, The Sentimentalists, and Matthew Richardson.

Golden Buzzer

The golden buzzer returned for the Judge Cuts round this season. Each week during the Judge Cuts a guest judge will have the option to use their golden buzzer on any act. An act that receives the golden buzzer during the Judge Cuts round will not face elimination and will advance automatically to the live shows. In the first week of the Judge Cuts, Brad Paisley pressed his golden buzzer for singer and guitarist Sophie Pecora. In the second week of the Judge Cuts, Dwyane Wade pressed his golden buzzer for acrobatic dance group V. Unbeatable. In the third week of the Judge Cuts, Ellie Kemper pressed her golden buzzer for light-up dance group Light Balance Kids. In the fourth week of the Judge Cuts, Jay Leno pressed his golden buzzer for opera singer Emanne Beasha.

Key Buzzed Golden buzzer   Advanced   Quarterfinal Wildcard   Eliminated   Advanced Immediately Week 1

Guest judge: Brad Paisley

Date: July 16, 2019

Act Order Performance type Buzzes Result Cowell Hough Paisley Union Mandel Lukas & Falco 1 Dog Act Advanced Andy Rowell 2 Karaoke Singer Eliminated Jecko 3 Magician Eliminated The Orange Magician 4 Magician Eliminated Berywam 5 Beatboxing Group Advanced Dylan Gilmer 6 Rapper Eliminated Emerald Belles 7 Drill Dance Team Advanced The Sentimentalists 8 Mentalists Quarterfinal Wildcard Duo Togni 9 Aerialist Duo Eliminated Sophie Pecora 10 Singer and Guitarist Advanced Immediately Dakota and Nadia 11 Dance Duo Eliminated Kevin Schwartz 12 Stand-up Comedian Eliminated Loki Alohikea 13 Singer Eliminated Matthew Richardson 14 Aerialist Quarterfinal Wildcard Damiyr 15 Singer Eliminated Chris Kläfford 16 Singer and Guitarist Advanced Messoudi Brothers 17 Acrobatic Trio Advanced Ndlovu Youth Choir 18 Choir Advanced Week 2

Guest judge: Dwyane Wade

Date: July 23, 2019

Act Order Performance type Buzzes Result Cowell Hough Wade Union Mandel Bir Khalsa 1 Danger Group Advanced GFORCE 2 Vocal Group Advanced Olivia Calderon 3 Singer Eliminated Dom Chambers 4 Magician Advanced Mat Ricardo 5 Danger Act Eliminated Lamont Landers 6 Singer and Guitarist Eliminated Adaline Bates 7 Half-Drag Singer Eliminated Michael Paul 8 Ventriloquist Eliminated Gingzilla 9 Drag Singer Eliminated Alex Dowis 10 Blacklight Painter Advanced V. Unbeatable 11 Acrobatic Dance Group Advanced Immediately Izzy and Easton 12 Dance Duo Eliminated ADEM Show 13 Dance Group Eliminated Verba Shadow 14 Shadow Dance Group Eliminated Robert Finley 15 Singer Advanced Duo Fusion 16 Acrobatic Duo Eliminated Valerie Sassyfras 17 Singer [a] Eliminated Ryan Niemiller 18 Stand-up Comedian Advanced
  1. ^ Cowell pushed Hough's buzzer during Valerie Sassyfras' performance.
Week 3

Guest judge: Ellie Kemper

Date: July 30, 2019

Act Order Performance type Buzzes Result Cowell Hough Kemper Union Mandel Greg Morton 1 Impressionist Advanced Carmen Carter 2 Singer Advanced Nicholas Wallace 3 Magician Eliminated Ray Underwood & Magic 4 Dog Act Eliminated Gonzo 5 Tambourinist Advanced Revolution 6 Malambo Group Eliminated Marcin Patrzalek 7 Guitarist Advanced Jacob Norton 8 Singer Eliminated Patrizio Ratto 9 Pianist and Dancer Eliminated Ansley Burns 10 Singer Quarterfinal Wildcard Light Balance Kids 11 Light-Up Dance Group Advanced Immediately Stephanie's Child 12 Drag Vocal Trio Eliminated Nick & Lindsay 13 Opera Singer and Danger Act Advanced Andrei & Alexander 14 Acrobatic Duo Eliminated Duo Maintenant 15 Acrobatic Dance Duo Eliminated Edson & Leon 16 Balancing Duo Eliminated Melissa Arleth 17 Rat Act Eliminated MacKenzie 18 Singer Advanced Week 4

Guest judge: Jay Leno

Date: August 6, 2019

Act Order Performance type Buzzes Result Cowell Hough Leno Union Mandel Dominguez Poodles 1 Dog Act Eliminated DM Nation 2 Dance Group Eliminated Ben Trigger 3 Burlesque Dancer Eliminated Nicholas Connors 4 Singer Eliminated Jordan Ravi 5 Singer Eliminated Benicio Bryant 6 Singer/Guitarist Advanced Victor Moiseev 7 Juggler Eliminated Marina Mazepa 8 Contortionist Dancer Advanced Charlotte Summers 9 Singer Advanced Callie Day 10 Singer Eliminated Zack and Stan 11 Magicians Eliminated SOS 12 Magician Eliminated Kara with a K 13 Stand-up Comedienne Eliminated Emanne Beasha 14 Opera Singer Advanced Immediately Eric Chien 15 Magician Advanced Voices of Service 16 Vocal Group Advanced Jonathan Burns 17 Comedy Contortionist Eliminated Jackie Fabulous 18 Stand-up Comedienne Advanced Quarterfinals

The quarterfinals will be broadcast live from the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles starting on August 13, 2019 with twelve acts performing each night. The following night the results will be announced to the public with seven of the twelve acts proceeding to the semifinals. Each week viewers of the show also have the opportunity to send one act, determined by popular vote, using "Dunkin' Save" due to a sponsorship contract with Dunkin Donuts, via the America's Got Talent app or the official website.

Key Buzzed Judges' Choice   Advanced (Won Public Vote)   Won Judges' Choice   Dunkin' Save   Judges' Wildcard   Lost Judges' Choice   Lost Dunkin’ Save Week 1 (August 13–14)

Guests: Shin Lim with Jay Leno, Bianca Ryan, Brian King Joseph, and Sofie Dossi

Act Order Performance type Buzzes and judges' choices Result Cowell Hough Union Mandel GFORCE 1 Vocal Group Eliminated Greg Morton 2 Impressionist Advanced Carmen Carter 3 Singer Eliminated Emerald Belles 4 Drill Dance Team Lost Dunkin’ Save Sophie Pecora 5 Singer and Guitarist Lost Dunkin' Save Messoudi Brothers 6 Acrobatic Trio Advanced Voices of Service 7 Vocal Group Advanced Ansley Burns 8 Singer Dunkin' Save Alex Dowis 9 Blacklight Painter Advanced Luke Islam 10 Singer Advanced Bir Khalsa 11 Danger Group Eliminated Kodi Lee 12 Singer and Pianist Advanced

Because of an error in the voting system on Tuesday’s show, the Dunkin Save consisted of acts which placed in 7th, 8th and 9th, thus there was no Judges Choice

Week 2 (August 20–21)

Guest: Susan Boyle

Act Order Performance type Buzzes and judges' choices Result Cowell Hough Union Mandel Charlotte Summers 1 Singer Lost Judge's Choice Nick & Lindsay 2 Opera Singer and Danger Act Eliminated Chris Kläfford 3 Singer and Guitarist Dunkin' Save Marina Mazepa 4 Contortionist Dancer Eliminated Robert Finley 5 Singer Advanced The Sentimentalists 6 Mentalists Eliminated Ryan Niemiller 7 Stand-up Comedian Advanced V. Unbeatable 8 Acrobatic Dance Group Advanced Joseph Allen 9 Singer and Rapper Eliminated Light Balance Kids 10 Light-Up Dance Group Advanced Tyler Butler-Figueroa 11 Violinist Advanced Ndlovu Youth Choir[a] 12 Choir Won Judge's Choice
  1. ^ After the Judges' choice was split evenly, Ndlovu Youth Choir was revealed to have received more of America's votes than Charlotte Summers, and they advanced to the semi-finals.
Week 3 (August 27–28)

Guest: Celestia[11]

Act Order Performance type Buzzes and judges' choices Result Cowell Hough Union Mandel Detroit Youth Choir 1 Choir Lukas & Falco 2 Dog Act Dom Chambers 3 Magician Benicio Bryant 4 Singer Gonzo 5 Tambourinist Marcin Patrzalek 6 Guitarist Eric Chien 7 Magician Berywam 8 Beatboxing Group Matthew Richardson 9 Aerialist MacKenzie 10 Singer Jackie Fabulous 11 Stand-up Comedienne Emanne Beasha 12 Opera Singer Top 36 acts
  Winner |   Runner-up |   Third place
  Finalist |   Semi-finalist |   Quarter-finalist (eliminated)
Wildcard (Semi-finals)
Wildcard (Quarter-finals)
Golden Buzzer (Auditions)
Golden Buzzer (Judge Cuts)
Participant Age(s) Genre Act Hometown Quarter-Final Result Alex Dowis 40 Art Blacklight Painter Prague, Czech Republic 1 TBA Ansley Burns 12 Singing Singer Easley, South Carolina 1 TBA Benicio Bryant 14 Singing Singer Maple Valley, Washington 3 TBA Berywam 25-30 Music Beatboxing Group Toulouse, France 3 TBA Bir Khalsa 30-39 Danger Danger Group Tarn Taran, India 1 Eliminated Carmen Carter 55 Singing Singer Los Angeles, California 1 Eliminated Charlotte Summers 13 Singing Singer Marbella, Spain 2 Eliminated (Lost Judges' Vote) Chris Kläfford 30 Singing / Music Singer and Guitarist Lindesberg, Sweden 2 TBA Detroit Youth Choir 8-18 Singing Choir Detroit, Michigan 3 TBA Dom Chambers 26 Magic Magician Melbourne, Australia 3 TBA Emanne Beasha 10 Singing Opera Singer North Port, Florida 3 TBA Emerald Belles 15-18 Dance Drill Dance Team Southlake, Texas 1 Eliminated (Lost Dunkin’ Save) Eric Chien 26 Magic Magician Houston, Texas 3 TBA GFORCE 10-12 Singing Vocal Group Toronto, Canada 1 Eliminated Gonzo 33 Music Tambourinist Tokyo, Japan 3 TBA Greg Morton 60 Comedy Impressionist Toronto, Canada 1 TBA Jackie Fabulous 48 Comedy Stand-up Comedienne New York, New York 3 TBA Joseph Allen 21 Singing Singer and Rapper Killeen, Texas 2 Eliminated Kodi Lee 22 Singing / Music Singer and Pianist Lake Elsinore, California 1 TBA Light Balance Kids 11-13 Dance Light-Up Dance Group Kiev, Ukraine 2 TBA Lukas & Falco 22 & 9 Animals Dog Act Vienna, Austria 3 TBA Luke Islam 12 Singing Singer Garden City, New York 1 TBA MacKenzie 31 Singing Singer Hume, Virginia 3 TBA Marcin Patrzalek 18 Music Guitarist Kielce, Poland 3 TBA Marina Mazepa 22 Dance Contortionist Dancer Konotop, Ukraine 2 Eliminated Matthew Richardson 33 Acrobatics Aerialist Savannah, Georgia 3 TBA Messoudi Brothers 25-30 Acrobatics Acrobatic Trio Einbeck, Germany 1 TBA Ndlovu Youth Choir 13-27 Singing Choir Limpopo, South Africa 2 TBA Nick & Lindsay 38 & 33 Singing / Danger Opera Singer and Danger Act New York, New York 2 Eliminated Robert Finley 65 Singing Singer Winnsboro, Louisiana 2 TBA Ryan Niemiller 36 Comedy Stand-up Comedian Indianapolis, Indiana 2 TBA Sophie Pecora 15 Singing / Music Singer and Guitarist Danville, California 1 Eliminated (Lost Dunkin’ Save) The Sentimentalists 25 & 44 Magic Mentalists Toronto, Canada 2 Eliminated Tyler Butler-Figueroa 11 Music Violinist Raleigh, North Carolina 2 TBA V. Unbeatable 12-27 Dance Acrobatic Dance Group Mumbai, India 2 TBA Voices of Service 45-54 Singing Vocal Group Virginia 1 TBA Contestants who appeared in other seasons or shows Act Television show Season Result Notes Bir Khalsa Group India's Got Talent 2 Runner-up Asia's Got Talent 1 Auditionee Did not pass audition Česko Slovensko má talent 3 Auditionee Did not pass audition ADEM Show
(formerly ADEM Dance Crew) 6 Finalist Received the golden buzzer during the auditions Asia's Got Talent 2 Finalist Received the golden buzzer during the auditions Eric Chien 3 Winner Gonzo 1 Semi-finalist Britain's Got Talent 13 Semi-finalist Emanne Beasha Arabs Got Talent 5 Winner Messoudi Brothers 6 Finalist Berywam Finalist La France a un incroyable talent 13 Finalist Marina Mazepa 12 Finalist So You Think You Can Dance 15 Academy Unable to attend Academy round due to visa issues Mennel Ibtissem The Voice France 7 Quit Had controversial audition on AGT[12] Benicio Bryant The Voice Kids 6 Runner-up V. Unbeatable Dance Plus 4 4th Place Patrizio Ratto Amici di Maria De Filippi 15 11th place Jonathan Burns La France a un incroyable talent 11 Semifinalist Penn & Teller: Fool Us 4 Non Fooler Dom Chambers 5 Nicholas Wallace Fooler The Sentimentalists Gingzilla The X Factor (UK) 15 Cut before live shows Izzy & Easton World of Dance (TV series) 2 Made it to the Divisional Final Competed with their team called “The Rock Company” Lukas & Falco Das Supertalent 7 Winner Verba Shadow Theatre Românii au talent 6 Semifinalist[13] Česko Slovensko má talent 7 Semifinalist Chris Kläfford Idol (Sweden) 13 Winner Marcin Patrzalek Must Be the Music. Tylko muzyka 5 Eliminated 9 Winner Tú sí que vales 5 Winner Ratings No. Title Air date Timeslot (ET) Rating/share
(18–49) Viewers
(millions) DVR
(18–49) DVR viewers
(millions) Total
(18–49) Total viewers
(millions) 1 "Auditions 1" May 28, 2019 Tuesday 8:00 p.m. 1.7/8 9.75[14] 0.8 3.08 2.5 12.83[15] 2 "Auditions 2" June 4, 2019 1.6/9 9.81[16] 0.7 2.89 2.4 12.71[17] 3 "Auditions 3" June 11, 2019 1.5/8 9.45[18] 0.7 2.79 2.2 12.24[19] 4 "Auditions 4" June 18, 2019 1.6/8 10.00[20] 0.7 2.65 2.2 12.64[21] 5 "Auditions 5" June 25, 2019 1.6/8 10.13[22] 0.6 2.58 2.3 12.71[23] 6 "Best of Auditions" July 2, 2019 1.0/6 6.82[24] TBD TBD TBD TBD 7 "Auditions 6" July 9, 2019 1.5/8 9.81[25] TBD TBD TBD TBD 8 "Judge Cuts 1" July 16, 2019 1.5/9 9.53[26] TBD TBD TBD TBD 9 "Judge Cuts 2" July 23, 2019 1.7/9 10.12[27] TBD TBD TBD TBD 10 "Judge Cuts 3" July 30, 2019 1.2/6 7.48[28] TBD TBD TBD TBD 11 "Judge Cuts 4" August 6, 2019 1.5/8 9.65[29] TBD TBD TBD TBD 12 "Quarter Finals 1" August 13, 2019 1.4/7 9.10[30] TBD TBD TBD TBD 13 "Live Results 1" August 14, 2019 Wednesday 8:00 p.m. 1.1/7 7.89[31] TBD TBD TBD TBD 14 "Quarter Finals 2" August 20, 2019 Tuesday 8:00 p.m. 1.6/9 9.42[32] TBD TBD TBD TBD 15 "Live Results 2" August 21, 2019 Wednesday 8:00 p.m. 1.1/6 8.11[33] TBD TBD TBD TBD 16 "Quarter Finals 3" August 27, 2019 Tuesday 8:00 p.m. TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD 17 "Live Results 3" August 28, 2019 Wednesday 8:00 p.m. TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD 18 "Semifinals 1" September 3, 2019 Tuesday 8:00 p.m. TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD 19 "Live Results 4" September 4, 2019 Wednesday 8:00 p.m. TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD 20 "Semifinals 2" September 10, 2019 Tuesday 8:00 p.m. TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD 21 "Live Results 5" September 11, 2019 Wednesday 8:00 p.m. TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD References
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