leader. That same year, all members of Minimoni filmed the movie Minimoni ja Movie: Okashi na Daibōken! (Minimoni The Movie: The Great Cake Adventure),

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2009–2011 (as Shin Minimoni)LabelsZetimaAssociated actsMorning Musume, Tanpopo, Coconuts Musume, W, S/mileage, Dream Morning MusumeWebsitewww.helloproject.comPast members

Mini-Moni (ミニモニ。, stylized as mini-moni.)[1][2] was a Japanese idol girl group sub-unit associated with Hello! Project. It was founded by Morning Musume members Mari Yaguchi, Nozomi Tsuji, and Ai Kago, with Coconuts Musume member Mika Todd later added as a member. After Yaguchi's departure, Morning Musume member Ai Takahashi was added into the group.

Throughout their career, Mini-Moni enjoyed success among children, having two animated series from 2001 to 2002, variety shows, as well as a movie based on their stage personas in 2002.[1] In addition to that, they also appeared in several Hamtaro movies, performing the theme songs under the name Mini-Hams (ミニハムず).

The group later disbanded in 2004, after Todd left Hello! Project and Tsuji and Kago left Morning Musume to debut in W. In 2009, Mini-Moni was revived as Shin Mini-Moni (新ミニモニ。) with new members and remained active until 2011.

Contents History 2000–2004: Formation

The group was founded in late 2000 by Morning Musume member Mari Yaguchi, with the concept of having members 150 cm. and shorter.[1][3] Together with Morning Musume's songwriter and producer, Tsunku, she selected two new members, Ai Kago and Nozomi Tsuji and the trio began performing in concerts as Mini-Moni. Mika Todd from Coconuts Musume was later added to the group.[4] They made their official CD debut with "Mini-Moni Jankenpyon!" in 2001,[3] which became a #1 hit.[citation needed]

The quartet released several singles in 2001 and 2002, with most of these tracks compiled on their first album Minimoni Song Daihyakka Ikkan. Simultaneous to their single releases, the band became the subject of a series of short cartoons, Minimoni Yaru no da Pyon!, voicing their own characters. They also contributed their voices to a string of movies based on the Hamtaro cartoon series, which featured a hamster version of Minimoni known as Minihams. The group released three singles under this name.

All five members of Minimoni in a still from Okashi na Daibōken (2002).

In 2002, Mari Yaguchi graduated from Minimoni to take on the leadership of the subgroup ZYX, one of the first Hello! Project groups to incorporate members of the Hello! Project Kids (who would later split into Berryz Kobo and Cute). Ai Takahashi also joined the group, while Mika Todd, took over Yaguchi's place as the band's leader. That same year, all members of Minimoni filmed the movie Minimoni ja Movie: Okashi na Daibōken! (Minimoni The Movie: The Great Cake Adventure), which explained Yaguchi leaving Minimoni and how Takahashi joined the band.

They started to have a more mature, modern R&B-heavy sound to their music with the single "Crazy About You," a style the group explored more heavily on their second album Minimoni Songs 2. However, their silly side was also well represented on the album with two of the songs they contributed to Hamtaro as Minihams. Former member Yaguchi also appears on three cuts, two of which previously appeared on the Okashi na Daibōken soundtrack. They also starred in a mini-series called Minimoni de Bremen no Ongakutai starring Takahashi, Tsuji, and Kago; Mika Todd made brief appearances in two episodes.

The group disbanded in May 2004 at Mika Todd's graduation concert, following the release of a final single, "Lucky Cha Cha Cha!"

2009–2011: Revival as Shin Minimoni

On May 26, 2009, Minimoni's original leader, Mari Yaguchi, posted a blog discussing how the head producer of Hello! Project, Tsunku, had contacted her asking for permission to bring the group out of hiatus.[5] Tsunku would later make a post on his own blog confirming that Minimoni would be revived with an entirely new line-up, confirming S/mileage member Kanon Fukuda as the first member.[6] Morning Musume's Linlin was announced later as the group's leader,[7] and that Hello Pro Eggs Akari Takeuchi and Karin Miyamoto would be the final two members in the new line-up. This line-up is referred to as Shin Minimoni (新ミニモニ。, New Minimoni). They released a new cover song in 2009 called "Tentomushi no Samba" to the Hello! Project compilation Champloo 1: Happy Marriage Song Cover Shū and a brand new original song later in the same year called "Pen Pen Kyoudai" on the Hello! Project compilation Petit Best 10.

In 2010, Shin Minimoni was scheduled to release a new single as part of a joint shuffle release during the summer of 2010, however, the release was cancelled for reasons unknown. Despite the cancellation, Shin Minimoni continued performing in Hello! Projects concerts as always. In August 2010, Linlin's graduation was announced. On the last day of Morning Musume's fall 2010 tour, Rival Survival, Linlin graduated from Morning Musume,[8] and left Shin Minimoni as well. (She has returned to China since her graduation.[9]) Fukuda Kanon was named the new leader of Shin Minimoni and the three remaining members proceeded to perform as a trio in the Hello! Project 2011 winter concert.

2018: 20th anniversary reunion

On February 12, 2018, TV Tokyo aired a television special celebrating Minimoni's 20th anniversary. Yaguchi and Tsuji made an appearance and performed "Minimoni Jankenpyon!" with Morning Musume '18 members Ayumi Ishida and Reina Yokoyama.[10]

Members Original line-up (2000-2004)

Shin Mini-Moni (2009-2011)


In February 2006, Minimoni's name was invoked on American television (NBC's The Tonight Show with Jay Leno) during a skit claiming that one of Leno's house band members had started out as a member of Minimoni; a manipulated picture of the Leno band member with Minimoni (in their outfits from the cover of Minimoni Songs 2) was aired as part of the sketch.[11]

In June 2007, an excerpt from a November 2000 appearance by Minimoni on Hello! Morning of a prairie dog suddenly turning his head became the basis for the Internet phenomenon the Dramatic Chipmunk.[12] A parody of the Dramatic Chipmunk clip, including lookalikes of Minimoni, appears in Weezer's music video for their 2008 single "Pork and Beans".[citation needed]

Discography Singles No. Title Release date Charts Album JPN 1 "Minimoni Jankenpyon! / Haru Natsu Aki Fuyu Daisukki!"
  (ミニモニ。ジャンケンぴょん!/春夏秋冬だいすっき!) 17 January 2001 1[13] Minimoni Song
 Daihyakka Ikkan 2 "Minimoni Telephone! Rin Rin Rin / Minimoni Bus Guide"
  (ミニモニ。テレフォン!リンリンリン/ミニモニ。バスガイド!) 12 September 2001 1 3 "Minihams no Ai no Uta" (ミニハムずの愛の唄) 5 December 2001 3 4 "Minimoni Hinamatsuri!/Mini Strawberry Pie"
  (ミニモニ。ひなまつり!/ミニ。ストロベリ〜パイ) 30 January 2002 2 5 "Aiin Taisō / Aiin! Dance no Uta" (アイ〜ン体操/アイ〜ン!ダンスの唄) 24 April 2002 3 6 "Genki Jirushi no Ōmori Song/Okashi Tsukutte Okkasi!"
  (げんき印の大盛りソング/お菓子つくっておっかすぃ〜) 27 November 2002 9 Minimoni Songs 2 7 "Minihams no Kekkon Song" (ミニハムずの結婚ソング) 4 December 2002 10 8 "Rock 'n' Roll Kenchōshozaichi (Oboechaina Series)"
  (ロックンロール県庁所在地〜おぼえちゃいなシリーズ〜) 9 April 2003 7 9 "Minimoni Kazoe Uta (Ofuro Version) / Minimoni Kazoe Uta (Date Version)"
  (ミニモニ。数え歌〜お風呂ば〜じょん〜/ミニモニ。数え歌〜デートば〜じょん〜) 14 May 2003 9 10 "Crazy About You" (CRAZY ABOUT YOU) 16 October 2003 5 11 'Mirakururun Grand Purin! / Pi~hyara Kouta"
  (ミラクルルン グランプリン!/ピ〜ヒャラ小唄) 19 November 2003 22 12 "Lucky Cha Cha Cha!" (ラッキーチャチャチャ!) 21 April 2004 6 — Albums No. Title Details Charts JPN 1 Minimoni Song Daihyakka Ikkan
  (ミニモニ。ソング大百科1巻) 4 — Minimoni ja Movie: Okashi na Daibōken! Original Soundtrack
  (ミニモニ。じゃムービーお菓子な大冒険オリジナルサウンドトラック) 46 2 Minimoni Songs 2 (ミニモニ。ソングズ2) 11 Filmography Television Year Title Role Network Notes 2001 Mini-Moni Yaru no da Pyon! Themselves TV Tokyo Voice in anime; segments in Oha Star[2] 2002-2004 Hello! Morning Themselves TV Tokyo Morning Musume's variety show 2003 Mini-Moni the TV Themselves TV Tokyo Voice in anime[2] 2002-2004 Hello Kids Themselves TV Tokyo Mini-Moni's variety show Films Year Title Notes 2002 Mini-Moni the Movie: Okashi na Daibōken! References
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    15th most selling single of the year 2001
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