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Marc Hauser (skydiver)
Marc Hauser is a professional Swiss skydiver, artist and entrepreneur. He is the founder of speed tracking and holds the world record for the fastest horizontal

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Marc HauserBorn1971NationalitySwissOccupationProfessional skydiver, artist entrepreneur, motivational speaker[1]Website

Marc Hauser is a professional Swiss skydiver, artist and entrepreneur.[2][3][4][5][6] He is the founder of speed tracking and holds the world record for the fastest horizontal free fall.[7][8][9][10][11][12] Hauser is also the founder of Erfolgswelle AG, a communications agency.[2][5][13]

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Hauser is the founder of speed tracking, a form of skydiving.[7][8][12] The goal of the discipline is to achieve the fastest forward speed possible in free fall relative to the ground.[7][10][11]

Hauser gained his first experience skydiving at the age of 18.[10] At the age of 35 he received specialized training from Thomas Naef and Rolf Kuratle, two members of the Babylon Freefall Skydiving team, in Skydive Empuriabrava (Empuriabrava, Spain).[5][8]

He completed his first speed tracking attempt in 2009.[10] In October 2012, Hauser set the world record for the fastest horizontal free fall in Empuriabrava, Spain.[4][8][9][14][15][16] Hauser did not use specialized equipment to accelerate his speed.[9]

Chasing the Jet Stream - Guinness World Record

Marc Hauser is also the first human ever to perform a free fall jump into the jet stream near Forbes, New South Wales, Australia, on 30 June 2018.[17][18][19][20][21]

Forbes/Australia: Marc Hauser jumping into the jet stream on 30 June 2018.

As skydiving suit he was wearing a thermal protection jumpsuit without wings (no wingsuit).

The exit altitude of the jump was at 7,400 m / 24,000 ft above sea level, the temperature at -40° Celsius / -40 °F. At exit altitude the jet stream speed was 137 km/h (85 mph). The groundspeed / horizontal speed of Marc performing this free fall skydive was at 270 km/h (167 mph). During his free fall Hauser covered a horizontal distance of 5.9 km / 3.66 miles in total. Hauser opened his parachute at 2,000 m / 6,500 ft altitude above ground.

The BBC World News documentary Chasing the Jet Stream [22] covers the free fall jump into the jet stream in three parts, which aired on 2, 8 and 15 December 2018. The documentary highlights both Marc Hauser’s goal to raise awareness for cleantech-pioneering enterprises using airborne wind energy systems, as well as the execution of the preparations that eventually lead to the free fall jump into the jet stream.[23]

In 2019, the Guinness World Records honored the parachute jump as the world's first skydive into the jet stream.

Other projects

He created a watch collection with Formex Watch SA, a Swiss watch manufacturer, in October 2013.[24]

Marc Hauser also owns a naming agency erfolgswelle® AG Namensagentur and inspires larger audiences as a motivational and keynote speaker.

Personal life

Marc Hauser lives in Bern, Switzerland with his two daughters.[5]

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