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Parchís (group)
(B-SIDE “Hola Amigos” (España - 1981) Album 9 : "Corazon de Plomo" (España - 1981) Corazon de Plomo (11) Un Rayo de Sol Dime Porque Vamos a Bailar un Twist

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Parchis was a 1980s children's music group from Spain which enjoyed moderate success in countries around the world. Parchis' original five members were Constantino Fernández Fernández (the red pawn), Yolanda Ventura Román (the yellow pawn), Oscar Ferrer Cañadas (the blue pawn), Gemma Pratts Tremens (the green pawn), and David Muñoz Forcada (the rolling die, which is singular for dice). After several line-up changes, the group disbanded in 1986 with various members continuing successful careers in the world of entertainment.

The group's name is a reference to the board game, Parcheesi (translated as Parchís in Spanish), where each player represents a different colored pawn (red, yellow, blue, and green). In the same way, each member of the group dressed in one of these four colors with the fifth member representing the dice.

Contents History

Parchis was created in 1979, after executives from the Belter Records company placed a newspaper ad in Barcelona, asking children to attend auditions to form a musical group. At first, Belter Records intended to employ the group members during summers only; the company's executives figured out that would be the best season of the year for Parchis albums and concerts to sell.

Parchis was neither a boy or girl band. Eventually, the band expanded to have six members at the same time. Gemma Pratts Teremens, David Muñoz Forcada, Oscar Ferrer Cañadas, Constantino Fernández Fernández (better known as Tino), and Yolanda Ventura (daughter of the well known trumpet player, Rudy Ventura) were the first five kids to be chosen as members of Parchis.

Tino was the heartthrob of the group; Gemma was the shy one; Yolanda was every boy's crush; Frank, who joined in 1981 after Oscar left, was the extroverted red head; and David, a blonde haired boy, was the best dancer and the life of the party.

Parchis' first single, "En La Armada", was a Spanish version of the Village People's disco hit, "In the Navy". "En La Armada" became a major hit in Spain, giving way for a number of important music composers to start working with Parchis. "En La Armada" was followed by what was arguably the group's biggest hit, "Durante la Espera de Parchis" ("During Parchis' Wait")[citation needed]. This song became a number one hit in Argentina[citation needed]. Later on, the group also became successful in Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador and other American countries.

Personal problems forced Oscar Ferrer Caňadas out of the band in 1981. He was substituted by Francisco Díaz Terez, known by fans simply as "Frank". Brothers Miguel Ángel Gómez Cambronero (born in Germany) and Jesús Gómez Cambronero joined the band after Tino and David left the group in 1983.

Losing Tino proved lethal to the group, however. With Menudo reaching unprecedented (for a Hispanic children's music group) success levels in Latin America as well as in Spain, and other Latin American groups like Los Chamos and Los Chicos also providing Parchis with competition, and with Ferrer Cañadas' considerable number of fans gone, Parchis began to wane.

In Spain and Argentina in particular, however, the group remained popular enough to release a 1983 movie, Parchis Entra en Acción (translated as Parchis Gets Into Action in English), alongside Alberto Fernández de Rosa.

In 1985, Parchis broke up. The group had recorded a number of albums that were successful in Spain and Latin America. More than a decade later, the group would reunite for one television show engagement.

Today Tino is married and works as a top executive in a company; Gemma is a kindergarten teacher and works as a principal in a kindergarten she owns and has a daughter named Mireia; Frank is an entrepreneur and model, he too is married and has a daughter named Ona; Yolanda moved to Mexico to pursue a career as an actress where she had moderate success. She is married and has son named Alex. David earned a degree in economics and works in an investment group he created along with his school buddies. He is not married. All except Yolanda live in Barcelona.

On February 10, 2008, Parchis made an appearance on the Mexican television show "Muevete" It was the first time in 25 years that they were all together on the same stage. They were introduced and sang the song "PARCHIS" with everyone in attendance. Tino spoke of a comeback and wanting to sing again. They were interviewed for about one hour and spoke about their romances and adventures during their tour. They announced plans to tour again and come out with a new album. In the opening sequence, they all stood on a colored circle and the curtains came up, but there was a problem with Gemma's circled curtain that didn't come up in time, but she continued to sing. This was the highest viewed program in Mexico for the year so far.


The red pawn, lead vocal in many songs, and the leader of the group. After his time in the group was done, he tried to gain popularity as a solo artist. He released three albums, but with little success. As an adult, he worked for the company Artel. During this time, he lost his left arm in a car accident in the vicinity of Murcia. He currently resides in Barcelona, where he is a radio sports commentator. He is married with no children.

The yellow pawn, and every boy's crush. She is the daughter of the famous Spanish musician Rudy Ventura. After her time in Parchis, Yolanda eventually began a career in acting, starting off with television shows in Spain, soon making her way to Mexico where she lives and works exclusively for Televisa. She married actor Alejandro Aragon, and has a son with the same name. The marriage ended, and she now maintains a relationship with fellow actor Odiseo Bichir.

The green pawn, and the shyest member of the group. Eventually went on to study childcare, and ran a kindergarten in Barcelona. She is now working as a clerk, and is married with a daughter.

The white die, and the group's dancer. He was said to have been chosen for the group because dancing came so easily to him. After Parchis, he went to Scotland to study economics, and currently works for an advertisement company. He is married and lives in the United States.

The blue pawn, the smallest group member and the first one to leave. There's never been a clear reason behind his departure. As an adult, he graduated with a degree in journalism and political science. He now works as a marketing manager in a communication group. He is married.

The blue pawn, Oscar's replacement and the extroverted red head. Despite his young age joining the group, Frank already had experience as an advertising model. Mistakenly, he is often referred to as an original member. He continued on with music even after leaving Parchis, and started his own rock band. He is now an entrepreneur, and has a wife and daughter.

The red pawn, and Tino's replacement as the group's leader, which proved to be a difficult task. After Parchis, he continued on in the world of music, and formed a band called "Platón" with his brother Michel.

The white die, David's replacement, and the last new member to join. Michel joined so late in the group, he had to learn many of the group's dance moves on the plane to their next destination just hours before their next show. After Parchis, he and his brother Chus formed the group "Platón" in 1992.


Album 1 : "Las Super 25 Canciones de Los Peques" (España - 1979)

  1. Superman
  2. Barbapapa Rock
  3. Fantasmas a Go-Go
  4. Gloria
  5. La Plaga
  6. Demasiado Cielo
  7. Si Vas a París Papa
  8. Cantando Aventuras
  9. Los Cinco
  10. En La Armada
  11. Mi Barba
  12. Hallelujah
  13. El Plátano
  14. Ganador
  15. Me Gustas Mucho
  16. Si Tuviera Un Martillo
  17. Mama Yo Quiero
  18. Mortadelo y Filemón
  19. La Canción de...Parchís
  20. Tarzan
  21. De Oca, En Oca
  22. Es Tan Divertido Ayudar a Papá
  23. Hooray! Hooray!
  24. La de la Mochila Azul
  25. Ven a Mi Casa Esta Navidad

Album 2 : "Comando G" (España - 1980)

  1. Comando G (3)
  2. Me Vuelvo Loco (3)
  3. El Video Mato a La Estrella de la Radio (3)
  4. Vamos a Bailar (3)
  5. Animales, Animales, Animales
  6. Ali Baba (3)
  7. Un Mundo Para Ellos
  8. Zark -7 (3)
  9. Una Casita en Canada (3) (8)
  10. Animales (8)

Album 3 : "La Batalla de Los Planetas" (España - 1980) (Cassette only)

  1. La Batalla de Los Planetas (4) (8)
  2. Me Vuelvo Loco
  3. Zark-7
  4. Una Casita en Canadá
  5. Defensores Del Bien
  6. Comando G
  7. El Vídeo Mató a la Estrella de la Radio
  8. Por El Deporte a la Paz
  9. Alí Babá

Album 4 : "Twist Del Colegio" (España - 1980)

  1. Twist Del Colegio (5)
  2. Viejo Tren
  3. Ratatata (8)
  4. Funkytown
  5. Toc-Toc-Toc
  6. Tu Nombre (8)
  7. Don Diablo (8)
  8. La Caza Del Raton
  9. Dime Que Me Quieres
  10. Erase Una Ves El Hombre (Single - Argentina 1980)
  11. Cantando y a La Cama (LP “Parchis” -Argentina 1980)

Album 5 : "La Guerra de Los Niños" (España - 1980)

  1. Querido Profesor
  2. Tema del Flaco (Instrumental)
  3. Fin de Curso
  4. Tema del Profesor (Instrumental)
  5. Comando G (Instrumental)
  6. Twist del Colegio
  7. Tema de Supermán (Instrumental)
  8. Ayúdale
  9. Tema de Don Atilio (Instrumental)
  10. Canción de Don Mati (Instrumental)

Album 6 : "Nadales" (España - 1980)

  1. Fum, Fum, Fum
  2. El Rabada
  3. Les Dotze Van Tocant
  4. El Desembre Congelat
  5. El Tunc Que Tan Tunc
  6. La Mare De Deu
  7. Noi de la Mare El
  8. Sant Josep I La Mare de Deu
  9. Cascavells
  10. Santa Nit
  11. L'avet
  12. El Demoni Escuat

Album 7 : "Villancicos" (España - 1980)

  1. Campana Sobre Campana
  2. Los Peces en el Rio
  3. Navidades Blancas
  4. Rin, Rin (16)
  5. Dime, Niño ¿De Quien Eres?
  6. Arre, Borriquito
  7. Noche de Paz
  8. ¡Ay! Del Chiquirritin
  9. Ande, Ande, Ande
  10. Jingle Bells
  11. El Pequeño Tamborilero
  12. Canta, Rie y Bebe

Album 8 : "Parchis Contra el Inventor Invisible" (Argentina - 1981)

  1. La Magia Del Circo (9) (11)
  2. Hola Amigos (9) (13)
  3. Cinco Amigos de Verdad (11)
  4. Canta y Baila (9) (13) (B-SIDE “Hola Amigos” (España - 1981)

Album 9 : "Corazon de Plomo" (España - 1981)

  1. Corazon de Plomo (11)
  2. Un Rayo de Sol
  3. Dime Porque
  4. Vamos a Bailar un Twist
  5. Me Vas a Volver Loco (12)
  6. El Pais de la Musica (12)
  7. Rockabilly Rebel
  8. Pequeño Amor en Buenos Aires (LP “La Super Discoteca” Argentina 1981)
  9. Veo Veo (Unreleased Song “Generación 2000/Grandes Éxitos Vol. 2/ Mexico 2001)

Album 10 : "Parchis y Sus Amigos" (España - 1981)

  1. El Espacio
  2. Cumpleaños Feliz (12) (13)
  3. Los Picapiedra
  4. El Baile Del Stop
  5. Que Barbaridad
  6. Tintarella Di Luna
  7. Vamos a Cantar (12)
  8. El Baile de Los Pajaritos (12)
  9. Ven a Mi Fiesta (12) (13)
  10. Verdad o Mentira
  11. Cuando Me Miras

ALBUM 11 : "La Segunda Guerra de Los Niños" (España - 1981)

  1. Otro Curso
  2. Mi Bici
  3. La Chica Ideal
  4. ¡Oh, Jesús!
  5. Querido Walt Disney (13)
  6. Nana Blanca, Nana Negra

Album 12 : "La Magia de Los Parchis" (Argentina - 1981)

  1. Parchis y El Mago
  2. Vamos Por Un Mundo De Colores
  3. Bocadillo Stop
  4. Patinbaile
  5. La Superfiesta
  6. El Arbol de la Sabiduria (LP “Los Parchis a Disneylandia”/ Argentina 1982)
  7. Himno de Las Aguilas Del America (SINGLE /México 1982)
  8. El Mundial (El Mundial 82 /España)

Album 13 : "Cumpleaños Feliz" (España - 1982)

  1. Marchate Ya (14)
  2. Buenos Dias Arcos Iris (14)
  3. Hasta La Vista (14)
  4. Vamos a Rio
  5. Meteorito Rock and Roll(14)

Album 14 : "Las Aventuras de los Parchis" (Argentina 1982)

  1. Tarzan, Tarzan
  2. Hasta Luego Cocodrilo (15)
  3. Preguntale a Juan
  4. Pancho Lopez
  5. Hay Que Vencer Al Miedo
  6. La Batalla De Los Planetas (Popurri) Unreleased Medley “Todas sus canciones…todos sus exitos (España 2005)
  7. Ya Estas Aqui (Maxi – single España 1982)
  8. Los Muchachos (Niños)

Album 15 : "Las Locuras de Parchis" (España - 1982)

  1. Arriba, Abajo
  2. El Ritmo Loco
  3. No Se Porque
  4. Bien, Bien Bravo
  5. Las Rockeras de Santa Teresita
  6. Vuelvo de Disney World
  7. Safari en la Ciudad
  8. Las Locuras de Parchis
  9. Señor Buho
  10. Mi Super Superman
  11. Mi Guitarra
  12. Auxilio, Socorro
  13. Mi Amigo Pancho
  14. Felicidades (from the film “Las Locuras de Parchis”)

Album 16 : "Feliz Navidad" (España - 1982)

  1. Feliz Navidad (17)
  2. La Virgen y San Jose
  3. Pastores Venid
  4. Una Pandereta Suena
  5. La Noraguena
  6. Catatumba, Tumba, Tumba
  7. Ya Viene La Vieja
  8. Madre en la Puerta Hay un Niño
  9. Carrasclas
  10. Tan, Tan de los Reyes
  11. A Belen Pastorcitos
  12. Zumbale al Pandero
  13. El Portal de Belen
  14. Paquetitos Navideños (LP “15 Nuevos Villancicos “ / México - 1982)
  15. Esto es America (LP “Las Locuras de Parchis “ /México - 1983)
  16. Lucky, El Jinte Solitario (Unreleased Song “Sus Grandes Exitos” /España – 1985)
  17. Scooby Doo (Unreleased Song “Un Globo, Dos Globos, Tres Globos” /España – 2002)

Album 17 : "Super Discolandia" (España- 1983)

  1. Entra en Accion
  2. En el Super Mercado
  3. Vamos a Ganar
  4. A Entrenar
  5. A Vencer

Album 18 : "Siempre Parchis" (España - 1983)

  1. No Pongas el Cassette
  2. La Puerta Verde
  3. La Banda Esta Loca
  4. Que Maravilla de Cancion
  5. Tranqui Tranqui
  6. ¡Oh! Mama, Papa
  7. Marionetas en la Cuerda
  8. Cosas de Crios
  9. 24,000 Besos
  10. La Dolce Vita
  11. Yo Tambien Quiero Fama
  12. Quiero Que LLegue El Domingo
  13. 24,000 Besos (24 Mila Baci) (Version 2) LP “Tranqui, Tranqui” / México 1983)
  14. Fama (17)
  15. No Pongas el Cassette (VERSION 2)

Album 19 : "Que Tal Te Va" (España - 1984)

  1. Que Tal Te Va
  2. Una Moto Quiero Yo
  3. Ahora Si
  4. La Timidez
  5. Tartamudeo
  6. Viva el Cinco
  7. Tal Para Cual
  8. No Me Mientas
  9. La Del Suerter Gris
  10. Suspenso Total
  11. Sábado, Sábado (LP “Que Tal Te Va “/ México -1984)
  12. Me Estoy Volviendo Loco

Album 20 : "Decidete, Atrevete" (Mexico - 1985)

  1. No Se, No Se
  2. La Colegiala
  3. Yo Soy Como Soy
  4. Lobo Hombre en Paris
  5. Di Cual Fue Al
  6. LLamas a Mi Puerta
  7. Decidete, Atrevete
  8. Nubes De Colores
  9. Joven Primer Amor
  10. Desidia
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